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Vaccine Development

This project is designed to help high school students become more aware of the vaccine development process. Through a slide presentation, we will walk students through the vaccine development timeline in a both scientific and policy-based background to get them acquainted with the different decisions researchers must take to release vaccines to the public. Hopefully, this will help students understand why there was no vaccine immediately available for COVID-19 . The students can use a PowerPoint-based game [coming soon!] during which they choose one of three potential COVID-19 vaccines, act as vaccine developers, and make their own decisions to complete the steps needed before release of the vaccine to the general public. This activity reinforces concepts taught to them in the lecture, and provides an opportunity to learn through trial and error. We would like to reinforce to them that no vaccine is 100% effective, and must constantly undergo a reiterative research process.

Educational materials created by Claire Kenny '21 Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Avika Bansal, '23 Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering 

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