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Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

These materials provides an introduction to the field of Biomedical Engineering and the topics listed below.  

  • biomechanics,
  • biomaterials & tissue engineering,
  • biomedical devices,
  • machine learning & bioinformatics,
  • bioimaging & signal processing,
  • cellular & molecular biotechnology,
  • neuroengineering.

Slides are available as a ppt file and as a pdf file.  Note that the ppt file is large so it will download when you click on it.  You can explore the pdf version online prior to downloading the larger file.

You may also want to use the BME Focus Areas educational materials.

Educational materials created by Olivia Olshevski, '21 Biomedical Engineering Masters and Renee Morton '20 Biomedical Engineering Masters. 

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