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Step 3: Explore Strategies

Explore potential strategies.

Students don’t know how to do research.

Students are not aware of what is available to them at Carnegie Mellon.

Even if you have been clear about what students need to do, they might not know how to or that there are services at Carnegie Mellon. At one extreme, students from certain countries might not even think they are allowed to check out books form the library. But even students raised in the US come from very diverse high school experiences with varying degrees of support from academic units.


Inform students of support services.

Let students know what services the support units on campus offer and refer students to the appropriate one based on particular needs. For instance, students might not know all the resources and services the library offers, such as the extent of the library collection, or the databases CMU subscribes to, or services such as Interlibrary Loan or Reference. They might also not know about the services Academic Development or the Intercultural Communication Center offer, such as source citing workshops.

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