Carnegie Mellon University

Hand in Hand

CMU's Commitments to the Community and the Economy Forge a Better Tomorrow for All

Economic growth happens when everyone — including society's most underserved and under-represented populations — participates. Likewise, a robust economy helps lift up the most vulnerable members of the community. Both aspects are vital to progress – and both are critical areas of focus for Carnegie Mellon University. Our contributions to public health, job growth, economic development, and cleaner air and water are helping to build a safer, healthier tomorrow for everyone.

We believe that it is our university's obligation to use our influence and resources to help create opportunities for all — in Pittsburgh, the region, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This commitment goes far beyond recruiting a student body, faculty, and staff that accurately represent the vibrant diversity of our world.

CMU is leveraging research and creativity — the Tartan calling cards — to help empower all members of society. Because we've always believed that every major societal challenge can be conquered with a fierce determination to make a positive impact.

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Volunteer or partner with us to help create lasting economic and community impact in the region.

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