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July 05, 2019

Announcing the Winners of the 2019 Pittsburgh International Piano Competition

Preparatory School Division

On April 27th and 28th, 2019, preparatory students performed for places at the Third Annual Pittsburgh International Piano Competition. Students were required to present two pieces of contrasting style and were evaluated by world-class jurors. Winners of the competition will move on later this month to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City on July 27. 

Age Groups:
Children A: 8 years old and younger
Children B: 9-12 years old
Youth A: 13-15 years old
Youth B: 16-18 (or high school senior)
Young Artist: 19 and above (or college)

Preparatory School Winners
Children A:
First Prize: Tai Luangkesorn

Children B:
First Prize: Alexander Chen; Justin Jho; Evan Park      
Second Prize: Angelina Li; Prakhar Kiran
Third Prize: Soham Dam, Andrew Li

Youth A:
First Prize: Emily Kocur
Second Prize: Ziqian Peng
Third Prize: Sora Hoppo; Eleanor Park

Youth B:
First Prize: Vivan Li
These students study with Sung-Im Kim, Tanya Gelman, and Luz Manríquez