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October 09, 2009


Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Music has launched the Community Music School, a public program offering online music courses and beginning piano instruction for adults that incorporates the school’s existing Music Preparatory School for children aged 4 through 18. The Community Music School’s initial offering, Repertoire & Listening, will begin in January 2010. The interactive online course is a guided tour of essential masterworks and critically chosen interpretations. Students from all walks of life are eligible to register. The fee for the 15-week course is $350. Led by Paul Johnston, artist-lecturer in music history, Repertoire & Listening is designed to build the students’ intuitive understanding of historical styles and interpretive decisions. The first in a series of courses offered online, Repertoire & Listening gives the community access to a course previously available only to Carnegie Mellon students. “The Community Music School combines the innovation of the Carnegie Mellon experience with the school’s world-class conservatory education to produce new learning opportunities previously unavailable to anyone but Carnegie Mellon students,” Head of the School of Music Noel Zahler said. “The online component affords parents of students, music enthusiasts and members of the general public the chance to explore musical masterpieces with a knowledgeable guide.” To learn more about the program and to register, contact Coordinator of Special Music Programs Daniel Barrett at 412-268-3667 or Carnegie Mellon’s School of Music educates outstanding, intellectually gifted musicians through excellence in performance, creativity, scholarship and pedagogy. The School of Music offers undergraduate degrees in music composition, music and technology, and instrumental, vocal and keyboard performance. Graduate degrees are offered in composition, conducting and performance, music and technology and music education. The school also offers a variety of highly acclaimed non-degree programs, such as the Performance Residency Program, the Artist Diploma Program and the Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Piano Pedagogy, Advanced Flute Studies, Orff Schulwerk and Music Education certificate programs.