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Kristen Regester

Kristen Regester

Dalcroze Certificate Candidate



Kristen Regester is a vibrant teaching artist, percussionist, pianist and singer working in Chicago. Influenced by the philosophies of Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Music Together®, Kristen teaches people of all ages, birth through adults, at a variety of different arts community locations sprinkled throughout the city. After gaining a Bachelor’s in K-12 Instrumental Music Education from the University of Michigan, she was especially interested in working with the early childhood community and served administrative roles such as Early Childhood Program Manager and Chair of Children’s Programs at Columbia College Chicago. During that time, she created curricula such as Percussion 4 Kids©, Exploring Musical Instruments©, BE the Music!© and Bumblebeats© for children ages 2-6. She remains as Music Together® Center Director at Columbia College Chicago and continues to teach group and private instruction at CCC, Merit School of Music and Merry Music Makers.

Kristen is a candidate for the Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certificate and has been grateful to lead Eurhythmics workshops in conjunction with Oberlin College, Ohio Music Teachers Association, Saint Mary Elizabeth Medical Center, as well as the Society of Saint Romanos, the Melodist. Discovering the unique Dalcroze philosophy has made a remarkable impact on her teaching and musicianship and she hopes to spread that knowledge, passionately, to all future students she encounters. She aspires to apply Eurhythmics to teaching senior citizens as well as students who may be “differently-abled,” as she is convinced this art form is an integral part of human connection.