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Patrick Cerria

Patrick Cerria

Dalcroze License Candidate

New Jersey


Patrick Cerria is a New Jersey based Dalcroze Teacher, educator, and musician. He received his Elementary Dalcroze Certificate in 2007 from The Juilliard Dalcroze School and is a candidate for the Dalcroze License at the Marta Sanchez Dalcroze Training Center.

Patrick has been able to use his Dalcroze training to work with a number of student populations. He is the music teacher in a county school district that specializes in alternative and special education, and teaches at three self contained schools: one for pre-k to middle school students on the autistic spectrum; another for middle/high school students with developmental and/or physical disabilities; and a middle/high school for at-risk students with behavioral and emotional classifications. Prior to his current work, Patrick was the music teacher at a k-8 inner-city public school in Newark, New Jersey. He also teaches private lessons to students both typically developing and with special needs.

Patrick is focusing his Licensure work on the uses of Eurhythmics within the developmentally diverse student populations that now make up our public schools. He also believes that Dalcroze training could benefit non-music educators to help them teach these diverse students. He has presented a number of staff development workshops to non-music educators on the uses of Dalcroze based strategies in their classrooms.