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 All across campus people, groups and services dedicate themselves to supporting you, some even beyond graduation. Connect with them and make the most of your time at CMU.

For Your Courses

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes allows you to search and filter all of the Classes offered at Carnegie Mellon University for a given semester, across all campuses. Use it to discover interesting courses and to help fulfill your course requirements.


Founded by CMU undergraduate students, the Stellic Degree Audit Application is a planning tool that employs the university's undergraduate catalog and degree requirements to assist students with schedule planning and in meeting their degree requirements.

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Undergraduate QPA Calculator [XLSX]

Calculate your Quality Point Average by downloading our QPA Calculator. Undergraduate and graduate students can learn more about Quality Point ratings at the Univeristy Policies Grading Standards page.


The HUB delivers comprehensive service and counsel to students and families regarding financial aid, billing and payments, ID Cards, and registration and academic records.

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Waitlist Policy

Each department has a different policy for handling waitlists. Sometimes waitlists are managed by the course faculty, other times they can be managed by program directors or an office. Make sure you're reaching out to the right person by referencing the university's Waitlist Policy.

Add, Drop or Withdraw from a Course

 Adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course is a process: it has deadlines and can affect both your transcript and your tuition. If you are considering these options, thoroughly review the University Registrar's Course Add, Drop & Withdrawal Process.

Academic Calendar

Plan your year. The Academic Calendar contains important dates, including registration dates, class start dates, course add/drop deadlines, and days there are no classes.

For Your Career


Handshake is Carnegie Mellon University's online recruiting platform for students, alumni, faculty, staff and recruiters.

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Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC)

The CPDC is Carnegie Mellon University's centralized career services center. They provide a comprehensive range of services, programs and materials focusing on career exploration and decision making, professional development, experiential learning and employment assistance to meet today's evolving workplace and student goals of finding satisfying work.