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Resources from Other Writing Centers

Many writing and communication centers around the country have excellent resources. Here are a few of our favorites.

Colorado College


A comprehensive collection of resources from inside and outside the university, encompassing everything from pre-writing to the final draft.

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Hamilton College


Very clean and clear, this center's resources cover the basics but also delve into unique territory like writing about gender, ethnicity, social class, and disability. 

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The New School


A downloadable repository of handouts on a diverse set of topics including Excel.

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Purdue University


Perhaps the most popular resource for citation information, the Purdue OWL also offers both general and subject-specific writing tips, along with resources on visual rhetoric.

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The University of Kansas


Combines communication resources with a directory of digital tools to ease the writing process, from collaboration tools like Box to brainstorming software like FreeMind. 

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University of Massachusetts Amherst


On this site you'll find handouts, videos, and a curated collection of external sites to help you overcome writer's block, understand the writing process, and navigate multiple genres. 

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The University of North Carolina


A treasure trove of handouts and videos organized in user-friendly lists, helping you tackle a host of content and organization issues in many genres.

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The University of Texas at Austin


Besides a litany of downloadable handouts, UT Austin's center provides guidance on writing with respect and on avoiding discriminatory language. 

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