Carnegie Mellon University

Hear what people are saying.

"I walked in worried about problems, I left focused on the potential of my paper, and with a clear sense for the steps necessary to get there."
-Graduate student in Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences

"Not only did I get a sense of how I can write more effectively, but also gained a better understanding of how to optimize my thinking process for different writing tasks."
-Graduate student in Heinz College

"It was great to have some really great feedback on my presentation. I specifically liked that the tutor took out time to understand what I was looking for from the session. Definitely coming back before every important presentation!"
-Graduate student in Mechanical Engineering

"This will revolutionize my writing!! Thanks a million!! I feel much more confident that I will write with clarity and flow."
-Workshop attendee, "Concision and Clarity"

"The topics and approaches discussed in this workshop are useful for group work, but it is also useful for answering behavioral interview questions!!"
-Workshop attendee, "Team Communication Part II: Handling Difficult People and Situations"

"My tutor was a fantastic advisor and supporter during my appointment. Although she had never helped someone edit an online portfolio before, she was fantastic at applying her expertise in communication, especially with application materials, to this form. She worked to understand my audience and my goals and then applied tips, tricks, and guidance to help me rework my writing. I was able to apply what I learned later when I edited the rest of my site on my own."
-Undergraduate student in Drama and Human-Computer Interaction

"I always have amazing experiences at the GCC. They always help me reorganize my thoughts and help me write a clearer and more concise essay."
-Undergraduate student in Psychology and Biology

"My tutor provided a lot of helpful feedback - not just general concepts where I needed to improve, but also with generating the type of wording that can express my thoughts best."
-Graduate student in ISM and HIC

"I thought that my session was very productive and insightful. I definitely felt that communicating my ideas to a tutor helped me to better understand the assignment and how to tackle it."
-Undergraduate student in Electrical Computer Engineering

"Who knew that any facilitator could make something like an academic cover letter engaging, or even funny?"
-Workshop attendee, "Writing an Academic Cover Letter"

"This was one of the best hours spent of my academic career. I have always been insecure about by writing skills, but while working with my tutor, I got very precise and effective feedback. My consultant had already looked at the document I uploaded, had very specific queries as we started the session, and then addressed them with very specific answers. She not only helped me understand the intricacies of the statement of purpose but also motivated me to revise it and write it. I actually wrote for an hour immediately after the session, and I think I have a good first page of my SOP."
-Visiting Scholar in Computer Science

"I didn't expect to get much done because I didn't have a draft, but we made a lot of progress with just the outline! I have a better idea of what my paper will be now."
-Undergraduate student in Psychology and Linguistics

"Possibly the most helpful hour I've spent on this paper in the last month...and I've spent a lot of hours on it! My consultant was awesome."
-Graduate student in Economics and Public Policy 

"It was very helpful! I love the way my tutor went through the revision process with me because it really helped bring out weak points and strong points."
-Undergraduate student in Business

"My tutor really helped me to formulate my thoughts, and encouraged to think critically on my own writing."
-Undergraduate student in Humanities

"I found the advice on how to improve my presentation slides very helpful and practical. In addition, it was a very friendly session and I felt very relaxed and grew more confident in myself."
-Graduate student in Engineering and Public Policy

"This session was so helpful!!! I wish I went to GCC more while I was writing papers as an undergrad :("
-Undergraduate student in Biological Sciences

"This was the first time I used the video tutoring service. I received wonderful and extremely useful advice on the documents I submitted. I am completely satisfied!!! Thank you!"
-Graduate student in Public Policy and Management

"My GCC session was very productive and insightful. I definitely felt that communicating my ideas to a tutor helped me to better understand the assignment and how to tackle it."
-Undergraduate student in ECE

"I was totally satisfied with my GCC session. My tutor was very helpful with both the content and language of the cover letter."
-Graduate student in Computational Biology

"This is the type of personal attention you need that can sometimes be forgotten in college."
- Undergraduate student in the School of Design

"This kind of professional overview with proper terminology, examples, tips and techniques is an excellent approach for orienting the student to the nature of what is needed in a good/effective lit review."
-Workshop attendee, "Writing a Related Work Section

"My tutor gave me great feedback about the organization of my presentation and really helped me understand where my audience would struggle with my talk."
-Graduate student in English

"My GCC session was excellent, really helpful. The tutor came prepared and tackled down all my problems."
- Undergraduate student in ECE

"My tutor helped me turn several pages of raw information into an actual, coherent paper."
– Undergraduate student in Cognitive Science

"My tutor was wonderful not only just for grammar issues but the overall quality of the writing."
-Graduate student in Architecture

"My tutor was extremely helpful and took the time to answer all of my (many) questions. She had plenty of experience with presenting herself, so her feedback was nuanced and detailed."
-Undergraduate student in English

"I was impressed by my tutor’s patience, flexibility and adeptness. I am going to recommend her to all of my friends!"
-Undergraduate student in Biological Sciences and Neuroscience

"My consultant provided a constructive critique of my thesis. His commendation was encouraging and his suggestions helped me articulate my points better."
-Graduate student in Sustainable Design