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Frequently Asked Questions

It's okay to have questions! We encourage them.

Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to your advisor, and they can provide you with the resources you need.

Academic advisors provide information, advice and counseling to individual students. They assist in developing academic, professional and personal goals and help a student stay on the path to graduation.
Many people at CMU serve as academic advisors. Some are full time staff whose primary role is advising, whereas others may have advising as a portion of their job. Additionally, sometimes faculty serve as advisors. You can find advisors by college.
The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) partners with academic advisors to provide career support to students, including career exploration and decision making, professional development, experiential learning and employment assistance.
Each college has its own policies on changing a major within the college: review the Course Catalog for more details. For students who want to transfer to a different college within CMU, there are internal transfer application processes that must be followed. Internal transfer is not guaranteed, as students are admitted directly into one college.
Yes, find the AP, IB and Cambridge awarding guidelines on the HUB website. Transfer credit is evaluated at the college level and policies will vary by college.
Each college has its own policies on majors, additional majors and minors as well as restrictions on which programs are available to its students. Visit the Course Catalog for more details.