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Become an SI Leader

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are students who facilitate weekly group study sessions in courses that they have successfully completed. SI Leaders design sessions that utilize collaborative learning techniques to guide students through difficult course concepts. Other responsibilities include attending lectures for the course they support, meeting regularly with the course instructor, and sharing strategies they used to be successful in the course. SI Leaders typically work 8-10 hours per week.

What does an SI Leader do?

  • Attends lectures, takes notes, and reads course material
  • Conducts 1-2 SI sessions per week
  • Facilitates interactive learning activities that integrate study strategies with course content
  • Prepares handouts with questions/problems to be covered during the SI session
  • Conducts exam review sessions
  • Attends all scheduled meetings with supervisor and faculty
  • Models outstanding student behavior and successful academic practices
  • Works 8 to 10 hours per week

The benefits of being an SI Leader

  • Develop leadership and interpersonal communication skills
  • Reinforce and build upon your own knowledge of course content
  • Develop career competencies that prepare you for successful transition into your future workplace
  • Gain satisfaction from helping other students to succeed academically
  • Schedule your work around your classes
  • Earn money to work on-campus
  • Work closely with faculty members


  • Enrolled undergraduate student at CMU
  • Minimum QPA of 3.0
  • Received an B or better in the course(s) you intend to support
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • A commitment to helping other students learn
  • Satisfactory completion of training program

Application Process

All applicants will need to submit an application, including an unofficial academic record.

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