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Completion Instructions:

If you wish to type your information into any of the PDF fillable forms below, you must first save the form and then reopen it in order to complete and print/email the form. If you choose to complete your form by hand, please print clearly. At this time, we do not accept electronic signatures - so if a signature is required, please print and sign the form. Submit your completed form with the appropriate signatures to the address, fax or email listed on the form. 

Degree Certification

Diploma Return (pdf)

(updated May 2018)

Graduation Certification (pdf)

(updated November 2017)

Removal of Degree Certification (pdf)

(updated June 2018)

Student-Defined Major/Additional Major/Minor Request (pdf)

(updated January 2018)

Program Management

Academic Program Cohort (pdf)

 (updated May 2018)

New Academic Program Process 

 (updated 2016)

Registrar Help Documentation

Academic Departments Contact List (pdf)

(updated August 2019)

Commencement Process Help Document (pdf)

 (updated January 2015)

Diploma & Graduation Timeline (pdf)

(updated February 2018)

Student Data Warehouse Guide (pdf)

(updated October 2017)

Scheduling Guide (pdf)

(updated May 2018)

Student Records

ABD Forms Process (pdf)

(updated June 2016)

ABD Status Agreement (pdf)

(updated December 2017)

ABD Status Change (pdf)

(updated September 2014)

Returning Student Record Update (pdf)

(updated April 2018)

Student Academic Code Change Request (pdf)

(updated April 2017)

Student Records Retention Policy (pdf)

(updated July 2018)

Student Financial Services

Commodity Code Request (pdf)

(updated January 2015)

Doctoral Student Tuition Adjustment (pdf)

(updated November 2016)

Financial Aid ID Request (pdf)

(updated October 2016)

Tuition Adjustment Schedules