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Hear what our students and families say.

I learned a lot about not only STEM but also building relationships. I loved the diversity on campus and I admired the sense of community we shared. My first time living away from home alone was a life-changing experience. Along with the trips, community, learning, and the beautiful campus and city, it really is unforgettable. ~ Jeanpaul S., SAMS 2023

Leaving Carnegie Mellon I learned a lot about myself and I hope to implement this new version of myself in my next school year. ~ Modesto A., AI Scholars 2023

An exceptional and truly immersive program! ~ Joan B., NHSGA Parent 2023

It was truly an enlightening experience for me as a soon-to-be college student. ~ Colin J., Art 2023

I would just like to... say that Carnegie Mellon Pre-College really helped me solidify what I want to study and do with my career. I don't think I could've gotten the same experience somewhere else, where I both had an incredible amount of fun, as well as being completely pulled in by the subject matter. The teachers, TAs and peers made the experience so much fun and completely changed the way I saw the college experience. ~ Orlando S., Computational Biology 2022

The coursework was mind blowing for me and I truthfully had a blast this summer. I've met (hopefully) lifelong friends and colleagues, been introduced to new ways to view the world, and have made memories for a lifetime. ~ Anonymous Student, Design 2023 

As a parent, it was wonderful to hear my son speak so highly of his experiences while attending SAMS. He is not usually a very outwardly social person, but was paired nicely with his roommate and a supportive RA who really helped him to come out of his shell socially. He was challenged by Math Theory and had opportunities for classes he said he had not been exposed to previously. My son came home energized and excited about his senior year and applying for college. He had an invaluable experience. THANK YOU! ~ Anonymous SAMS Parent 2023

It was just such a positive experience - from the organization of the program, the rigor of the syllabus, the insight and enthusiasm of the teachers, and the kindness of the support staff. Thank you! ~ Matthew G., Drama 2023

[G]enuinely, I really loved this program. Thanks to everyone for making this possible: the professors, the staff, the RAs, the TAs. I was really grateful for the opportunity. ❤️ And lastly I'm really grateful for the scholarship programs - it allowed someone like me who would typically never be able to afford pre-college to still come, learn, and experience college life. ~ Chen H., AI4ALL* 2022 (*now AI Scholars)

What a wonderful, wonderful opportunity. My son had a fantastic time. He's already talking about going back next year. ~ Evelyn W., Computer Science Scholars* Parent 2023 (*now CS Scholars)

The facilities and instructors were amazing!! ~ Dena B., Writing & Culture Parent 2022

Thank you for giving my child a chance to be a part of Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Program. She had an amazing experience that made her adapt and grow as a learner. Having experienced the academic rigors of her classes at CMU while enjoying the camaraderie of her fellow Pre-College session attendees was life changing for her. She emerged as a more confident and intellectually curious individual ready to face college life. Wish we had known about the program sooner! ~ Jeanee M., Summer Session Parent 2023

10 out of 10. A huge thank you to everyone (everyone) who made this program possible. We sent a child and you returned a teenager with expanded, balanced, and rational thinking. She learned her craft while getting real world bumps and bruises in a safe environment surrounded by exceptional faculty and staff. We are so pleased. Thank you. ~ Tara W., Drama Parent 2023

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to work and stay here at CMU. I'm so grateful that the admissions team was willing to share the CMU experience with me. I'll always cherish my time here at CMU and I hope that I can return in the future as an undergraduate student! ~ Chumnuo M., Summer Session 2022 & 2023

I so hoped my daughter would not only love it... but learn even more. It was all of this and more for Scarlett. I wanted her to have a real glimpse into college. One that you cannot get from just a visit... Understanding what it means to get to class, do her work, make new friends in lots of different disciplines, feed herself, explore a new place on her own and generally take care of herself while growing were all part of what she needed and received in this program. Thank you! We couldn't be more pleased with every aspect of this wonderful program. ~ April L., Art Parent 2023 

Photos of our students by our students.

Students on a bus during an off-campus trip.
Pre-College students with a panoramic view of one of Pittsburgh's rivers behind them.
Pre-College students at Kennywood Park.
Pre-College students pointing at tech poster.
Pre-College RA and student hugging goodbye on the final day.
Pre-College students and RAs having dinner in a restaurant.
Sun rising outside of a residential hall window.
Pre-College students before their performance of the national anthem at PNC Park.
Students after a roller coaster ride at Kennywood park.
Pre-College students at dance party eating cotton candy.
Pre-College students on the bus.
Pre-College students with fireworks behind them.
Pre-College students smiling at the camera.
Student photo of glass lighting sculpture at Phipps Conservatory.
RA photo taken during Fallingwater trip on the trail to the house.
Student photo of club meeting in dorm lobby.