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Hear what our students and families say.

Carnegie Mellon Precollege was the best summer experience I could ask for going into my senior year. It really helped me prepare for college applications, and the connections I made here will last me a lifetime. I made the most amazing friends and had the time of my life for these 6 weeks. Thank you so much! ~ Elizabeth B., Drama 2022

I loved my pre-college experience so much. It is an unforgettable moment for me that I will be mentioning to all of my underclassmen friends. ~ Michelle L., AI4ALL* 2022 (*now AI Scholars)

Thank you so very much... to the staff, especially the TAs for this extraordinary experience for [our son]. During the entire six weeks, he rarely responded to my texts. Now I understand why. This summer at CMU has been life-altering... He is more articulate and he is more willing to take responsibility both at home and at school. If all rising high school seniors can spend their last summer prior to their senior year at one of CMU's pre-college programs, I think they would be more prepared to face the world after high school. What a transitional boost for them! ~ Lily W., NHSGA Parent 2022

Attending the SAMS program was the best decision I have ever made! I connected with my peers and was able to find a passion. ~ Mar P., SAMS 2022

I would just like to... say that Carnegie Mellon Pre-College really helped me solidify what I want to study and do with my career. I don't think I could've gotten the same experience somewhere else, where I both had an incredible amount of fun, as well as being completely pulled in by the subject matter. The teachers, TAs and peers made the experience so much fun and completely changed the way I saw the college experience. ~ Orlando S., CompBio 2022

The Design program was a... fantastic experience for my daughter. Thank you for all the support. ~ Marie C., Design Parent 2022 

The Pre-College Program was one of the best summers I have ever had, and I was able to learn a lot and meet a lot of truly amazing people. Thank you to CMU for putting together such an organized, fun, and academically challenging program this summer! ~ Anonymous, Pre-College Programs 2022

Great learning experience for my child to be away for six weeks and be independent [by making] her own decisions. She found the program kept her engaged and challenged, which she liked, plus she worked in a team. She also made close friends and misses being there. ~ Anonymous, NHSGA Parent 2022

[G]enuinely, I really loved this program. Thanks to everyone for making this possible: the professors, the staff, the RAs, the TAs. I was really grateful for the opportunity. ❤️ And lastly I'm really grateful for the scholarship programs - it allowed someone like me who would typically never be able to afford pre-college to still come, learn, and experience college life. ~ Chen H., AI4ALL* 2022 (*now AI Scholars)

It was the best choice I could’ve made. I still talk to the friends I met at the program. Everyone was so friendly and we, as an art class, bonded very well and were very supportive during critiques and such. One friend I met out of my program seemed like she could be my lifelong friend 😊 ~ Anji Z., Art 2022

The facilities and instructors were amazing!! ~ Dena B., Writing & Culture Parent 2022

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her experience. The faculty was very knowledgeable and supportive. She is even more excited about majoring in computer science. Thanks so very much for this program and opportunity. ~ Yolanda S., Computer Science Scholars 2022

My daughter finished the six week program feeling confident about her personal growth and academic skills. She feels this program prepared her for what to expect in college. ~ Masheba, Architecture Parent 2022

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to work and stay here at CMU. I'm so grateful that the admissions team was willing to share the CMU experience with me. I'll always cherish my time here at CMU and I hope that I can return in the future as an undergraduate student! ~ Chumnuo M., Summer Session 2022

As a parent, I was a little nervous about my daughter being 5 hours away from home. However, this program was truly an amazing experience for my daughter. Never once was I worried about her safety or well-being. There were so many people and services available to her for anything she (or I) needed. She has grown so much as a person from attending this program. She has learned so much about herself and has more confidence in her abilities. It has also helped her confirm this is what she wants to pursue for her career in life. She got to experience a college curriculum, as well as living on her own, and absolutely loved it. Everyone there was extraordinary and I am so thankful that she got to enjoy this incredible experience at Carnegie Mellon. ~ Jamie H., Drama Parent 2022 

Photos of our students by our students. 

Pre-College students going to movie.
Phipps Conservatory on a Pre-College student visit.
Pre-College students at Kennywood Park.
Pre-College students pointing at tech poster.
Pre-College RA and student hugging goodbye on the final day.
Pre-College students and RAs having dinner in a restaurant.
Sun rising outside of a residential hall window.
Pre-College students shaking hands during the Playfest.
Pre-College students going to movie.
Pre-College students at dance party eating cotton candy.
Pre-College students on the bus.
Pre-College students with fireworks behind them.
Pre-College students smiling at the camera.
Student photo of glass lighting sculpture at Phipps Conservatory.
Pre-College students hanging out at table.
Student photo of FallingWater on student trip.