Carnegie Mellon University

Opportunities for CMU Students

Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College summer program is seeking Community Advisors and Resident Advisors to be leaders with our virtual 2021 experience. The program is an opportunity for high school student around the world to "test-drive" the undergraduate/college experience - to explore an urban campus, Pittsburgh, and all that Southwestern PA has to offer, create a community, take classes and receive credits (if applicable), understand and experience independence (for some, for the very first time!), and gain some self-knowledge.

These CA and RA staff roles entail student support & supervision, role-modeling, event planning, emergency response, administrative tasks, and requires those chosen to be a vibrant part of this community for the duration of the employment period. For 2021, this means approximately June 1 - August 15 (CAs) and June 24 - August 15 (RAs).

This experience provides a truly wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people!

Compensation package includes ongoing training, personalized professional development, and a stipend.


Community Advisor Job Description

Resident Advisor Job Description