Carnegie Mellon University

The health, safety, and well-being of our graduate students is the foundation of student life. Success in professional activities, academics and research, as well as personal activities comes from this foundation.

The Carnegie Mellon University departments and services that support graduate student health and well-being include:

Student Health Services
provides the same range of services that you would find in any doctor’s office. All enrolled students, pre-college students and visiting scholars may use their services.  Services include an array of wellness opportunities including nutrition counseling, smoking cessation programs, peer health education, and massage.

If you are a full-time student, please review Carnegie Mellon's Student Health Insurance Policy for information on:

Full-time Student Health Insurance

Family and Domestic Partner Health Insurance

Counseling and Psychological Services
addresses the mental health needs of the CMU community through a variety of services, including individual therapy, referrals, psychiatric medication management, and crisis support. All counseling center services are provided at no cost.

CMU Collegiate Recovery Community
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Collegiate Recovery Program (CRC) strives to connect, support, and engage students (and allies) in or seeking recovery from alcohol and other drugs.
For more information about weekly support meetings, social events, projects or related programs email or call 412-268-7888.

Maternity Accommodation Protocol
Female students seeking any of the Maternity Accommodations described here must register with the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs by contacting the office for an appointment by calling 412-268-2075.

Wellness Resources
are provided by Student Health Services. These include wellness programs, nutritional education, alcohol/other drug assessment and referral, quit smoking support, and stress management consultation.

Athletic Facilities
at CMU include racquetball/squash courts, Wiegand gym, Skibo gym, lap and dive pools, weight rooms, cardio rooms, tennis courts, and Gesling Staduim track.

Fitness Activities at CMU include
Group X-ercise Fitness Classes, as well as an array of intermural sports

The Carnegie Mellon University departments and services that support emergency response include:

University Police
provides on-campus emergency response. In an emergency call 412-268-2323.

Emergency Medical Services
is an all-volunteer student-run quick response service. Calling 412-268-2323 dispatches University Campus Police and Emergency Medical Service, who are able to arrive on scene within minutes. Their website describes when to call.

Crisis Support
is run by Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS) provides urgent crisis intervention and emergency consultation to the CMU community. For emergency crisis support 24/7, call 412-268-2922.
The Carnegie Mellon University departments and services that support graduate student safety and well-being include:

University Police provides 24-hour campus patrol as well as crime prevention, registration of valuables and shuttle and escort services.

CMU-Alert Emergency Notification service sends voice and/or text messages to registered phones in the event of a campus emergency. All members of the Carnegie Mellon community are encouraged to register for the CMU-Alert Emergency Notification service.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) provides a broad range of services to the university to promote the protection of its community. This includes training for Biological, Chemical, and Radiation safety as well as managing the environmental waste and recycling programs for our campus.

The Shuttle and Escort Service
offers transportation options for students, faculty, and staff members.  The Shuttle Service operates on a fixed route with specific stops throughout the area. The Escort Service operates in the evening/overnight and provides transportation from campus to your neighborhood. There are also Shuttles that service the Pittsburgh Technology Center (PTC) and Bakery Square.

Resources for Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence:
Office of Title IX Initiatives (TIX)
TIX offers professional staff trained to provide support, information, resources, and referrals to all community members  impacted by sexual misconduct, domestic violence and stalking.