Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University seeks to supports our graduate students with partners, spouses and families with an array of resources and opportunities.  From health insurance options to campus engagement and special events held throughout the year to bring partners, spouses and families together to build networks and community we strive to create a welcoming approach to the Carnegie Mellon and the Pittsburgh community.


Available Resources

Carnegie Mellon University extends benefits to partners of students. Eligible students may elect benefits for their domestic partners by following the registration procedure.

Students who are enrolled in the CMU Student Health Plan are eligible to add spouses/domestic partners and dependent children to their insurance plan.

Please visit the Student Health Insurance page for more information.

Graduate housing is not provided by Carnegie Mellon. Pittsburgh, however, has a variety of affordable housing options, friendly neighborhoods, and easily accessible public transportation. The links below provide assistance to Carnegie Mellon community members who are seeking housing in the communities surrounding the University.

Housing Services does provide some local area information, resource links, and CMU Off-Campus Housing which can be found in the Community Housing section.

The Intercultural Communication Center offers resources for family members of students who are looking for local English as a Second Language (ESL) resources here. If you are looking for information on ESL programs in the broader Western PA area, please visit Global Pittsburgh
There are many resources available for international spouses and families in Pittsburgh both on and off the Carnegie Mellon campus.  Some of these resources are listed here on the Office of International Education page.  For more information about resources or other issues that affect spouses and families, please speak with an OIE advisor or attend a Carnegie Mellon International Spouse and Partner’s Gathering (ISPG) event.
Partners and Spouses of students are eligible to secure Sponsored ID Cards which will provide access to athletic facilities and equipment; campus academic buildings; films and other activities (as long as they are not limited to students only); and university libraries borrowing privileges.  There is a small fee associated with obtaining a Sponsored ID card. For more information, visit the HUB.

There are many opportunities to become engaged in the Pittsburgh community to meet others with similar interests.  Some examples include the libraries in many communities which also serve as community centers with offering classes from yoga to practice learning English for non-native English speakers to tutoring centers for youth in schools.  They also have special activities for young children including reading times, arts and craft time, parent and child exercise classes and parenting resource guides.  Our museums and art centers have many afterschool programs and summer programs for young children through adults. 

Vibrant Pittsburgh is an organization which works to provide a welcoming environment to newcomers to Pittsburgh and provides access to many resources. "The Vibrant Pittsburgh Welcome Center provides free referral services to newcomers in the Pittsburgh Region helping them connect to a broad range of resources, including translation and interpretation, ESL classes, housing, and employment as well as cultural and professional organizations representing diverse communities in the region."