Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon graduate students are more than just students — they are volunteers, writers, artists, athletes, and innovators. Carnegie Mellon student organizations and events reflect this fact. If you want to get involved, consider trying one of the following options:

The Division of Student Affairs supports and fosters intellectual and personal growth and helps students explore and experience different aspects of college life. They provide opportunities to get involved in the campus community, as well as to grow and develop skills that complement graduate students' overall academic and research achievements.

The Graduate Student Assembly sponsors social events, works with the administration to address graduate student concerns, organizes volunteer efforts in the larger community, advocates for graduate education policy at a national level, and in general provides a voice for graduate students on campus.

With more than 130 student organizations on campus, there is something for everyone.

  • To review all currently active student organizations to find one that fits your interests, please visit the Organizations Directory through The Bridge.
  • To find an organization affiliated with you field, department, college, or school, look through the list of Department/College/School Organizations.
  • To find an organization that fits your ethnic, cultural, religious or political identity, look through the list of University Organizations.