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Student Organization Leadership Development

Leading a student organization is a big responsibility, individually and collectively. It's important for student organization leaders to grow as individuals and for them to help their members reach their full potential as leaders and advocates for their organizations. 

From the running an effective meeting, managing budgets, organizing events, and everything in between, SLICE and partnerships across campus provide the resources you need to develop your own leadership skills and to push one another to dive deeper. 

Support for Your Student Organization

SLICE Peer Leadership Interns

The SLICE Peer Leadership Intern program empowers students to serve as knowledgeable resources, educators, and facilitators for student organizations. Peer Leadership Interns can talk with student organizations about operational issues, budgets, running meetings and more. Information about applying for this role will be available soon.

Request a SLICE Training

Connect with SLICE to request a training for your organization on skill-based topics, such as running effective meetings, facilitation techniques, event planning, marketing and promotion, effective leadership transitions, and managing your finances, and leadership development topics like developing effective communication skills, managing conflict and leadership theory exploration.

Tartan Leader Conference

Open to all student leaders at CMU, the Tartan Leader Conference (TLC) offers networking opportunities and focused discussions, with the goal of helping students thrive as organization leaders and CMU community members.

Attendance at the conference allows organizations to be considered in good standing with the SLICE Office. Attendance also allows individuals to receive an Authorized Signer designation if they will be the approved spender from their organization’s accounts. 

The TLC is offered at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Organizations can choose which conference they wish to attend based on when elections are held within the organization. New leaders seeking professional development and any students seeking to become Authorized Signers outside of an election cycle may opt to attend either TLC, even if it is not their organization’s primary. 

Explore track sessions from the last Tartan Leader Conference

Tartan Leader Conference Requirements

Once a year, organizations are required to have two students attend the TLC, but can send as many student leaders as they would like. SLICE strongly recommends that all organization presidents attend the conference. You may attend on behalf of more than one organization as long as you hold an active leadership position in each organization and indicate this request during registration.

First time and returning authorized signers must complete all available modules and associated quizzes in the Authorized Signer Canvas page.  Successful 100% passing of the quizzes will allow you to becomes a signer for your organization. Organizations must have one, but can have no more than two, signers.

Leadership Across CMU

Explore other leadership trainings, programs and opportunities offered at Carnegie Mellon.

Hone your leadership skills in an area that means a lot to you. 

Greek Retreat

Greek Retreats are held in August and January each academic year. The retreats offers the opportunity to share best practices, participate in group problem solving, engage in leadership development, reflect on holistic wellness and to have fun! Learn more about the Greek Retreat.