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Student Organization Leadership Development

Leading a student organization is a big responsibility, individually and collectively. It's important for student organization leaders to grow as individuals and for them to help their members reach their full potential as leaders and advocates for their organizations. 

From the running an effective meeting, managing budgets, organizing events, and everything in between, SLICE and partnerships across campus provide the resources you need to develop your own leadership skills and to push one another to dive deeper. 

Support for Your Student Organization

Lean on Your Expertise

Spend time early in the semester connecting with your organization advisor, national headquarters, and any partner departments across campus to see what trainings and support they have available to you and your leaders.  Many offer networking opportunities and dedicated trainings for categories of organizations such as Club Sports and Business-related organizations.

Request a SLICE Training

Connect with SLICE to request a training for your organization on skill-based topics, such as running effective meetings, facilitation techniques, event planning, marketing and promotion, effective leadership transitions, and managing your finances, and leadership development topics like developing effective communication skills, managing conflict and leadership theory exploration.

SLICE's REACH Training Program: Resources, Education, and Campus How-Tos

The REACH program focuses on training and preparing CMU’s student organization leaders to manage their communities, understand applicable policies and procedures, grow as leaders, and execute their missions through events, competitions and more.  This system of training sessions has been designed to capture the valuable lessons learned from asynchronous education and focus on in person interactions that advance learning and focus on application of materials. Sessions are developed by SLICE and other campus partners. 

Successful completion of foundational content allows organizations to be considered in good standing with the SLICE Office. Completion of financial content allows individuals to receive an Authorized Signer designation if they will be the approved spender from their organization’s accounts.

The REACH program will launch at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, targeting organizations based on when elections are held for new leaders. New leaders seeking professional development and any students seeking to become Authorized Signers outside of an election cycle may opt to enroll in REACH courses, even if it is not their organization’s primary cycle.

If your organization leaders are also interested in learning more about the other campus trainings available to all students, see the section below titled “Leadership Across CMU”.

Elements of REACH

This required Canvas course will ensure that all student organization presidents are equipped with the information they need to be knowledgeable and prepared leaders. Organizational practices and applicable policy for managing a high-functioning and inclusive organization will be addressed in order to give all who would like access a single place to find core information. Spring 2023 Registration for this course is currently open and will close on January 31st, 2023. Register through TartanConnect here.

Note: Presidents/Co-Presidents are required to take this course before/during their 1st semester of leading their organization.

If your organization holds elections in April or May, presidents/co-presidents are required to take this course the following August /Fall semester. 

If your organization hold elections in November or December, presidents/co-presidents are required to take this course that December/January/following Spring semester. 


Financial training for any student leader hoping to be approved to spend money held in a SLICE organizational or gift account. This Canvas course has modules on understanding your accounts, revenue, spending, and travel.Spring 2023 Registration for this course is currently open and will close on January 31st, 2023. Register through TartanConnect here.

Starting your semester & unsure of the important deadlines? Needing help with your organization's transition to new leadership after elections? Onboarding new officers and unsure of what's next? SLICE's REACH Program has you covered on these topics...and many more! Organization Management and Logistics Drop-In Hours for the Fall 2022 Semester are below. 

December Dates

Friday December 2nd, 2022 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Monday December 5th, 2022 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Tuesday December 6th, 2022 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday December 7th, 2022 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

All office hours are in the SLICE 1st Floor Office (Cohon University Center 103). Please check in at the front desk and wait patiently if there is another group already there. 

Note: If you and your organization cannot attend any of these times or need a virtual meeting, please request a Meeting with a SLICE Staff Member to find the best times in your schedule & mention that you cannot attend the scheduled in-person Organization Management Office Hours in your request. 


Be prepared for your event by sending event planners through this Canvas page dedicated to the event planning process and campus polices you will need as you plan and execute your event. Click here to self-register for the course.
Students working with community partners or who are interested in learning how to apply best practices in civic engagement to their work are encouraged to complete this self-paced Canvas course. Content in the course will equip students to reflect on their own identities and their story of self, understand issues impacting communities, and how to cultivate equitable and mutually beneficial community partnerships. Enroll today!
Developed in partnership with Environmental Health & Safety and TechSpark, shop managers are expected to complete all elements of the shop safety program including applicable BioRaft sessions, inspections, and meetings. Email Elizabeth Koch if your shop managers have changed as communication goes directly to those individuals.
Hosted by the CMU Communications and Marketing team, organization marketing and social leaders can join this in-person session to learn about development of a student organization brand, how to analyze social engagement, and join the network of communicators across campus. This training will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

REACH Program Requirements

All student organization presidents/co-presidents are required to complete the Student Org Foundations Canvas course, including all reflections, either at the beginning or the fall or spring semester, depending on your organization’s election cycle. SLICE tracks fall and spring transitioning organizations via the box on the right.  Any student leader who is interested in the content is also welcome to register but their attendance will not be tracked for completion.

Any student leader hoping to be one of two Authorized Signers for their organization is required complete the Authorized Signer Training Canvas course, including successful 100% passing of all quizzes, either at the beginning or the fall or spring semester, depending on your organization’s election cycle. SLICE tracks fall and spring transitioning organizations via the box on the right.  Both new and returning authorized signers have the same requirement for completion.

Organization Opportunities Across CMU

Explore other leadership trainings, programs and opportunities offered at Carnegie Mellon.

Hone your leadership skills in an area that means a lot to you.