Carnegie Mellon University

Welcome New Students

All full-time incoming students (*Pittsburgh campus only) must complete our online immunization and tuberculosis (TB) screening forms, as well as upload immunization records with dates from their healthcare providers. If your immunization records are in a language other than English, please translate the date of each vaccine dose into English before uploading. 

The online and uploaded documents must verify the following immunizations BEFORE arrival on campus. Failure to comply will result in administrative suspension and removal from University Housing.

Full-time students:

  •     Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)   
  •     Varicella (chicken pox)
  •     Tuberculosis screening form (followed by TB testing, if indicated)
  •     Meningococcal (for students living in university housing)- If you received this vaccine before age 16, you must get a booster shot (additional dose).
    • The state of Pennsylvania requires the completed Meningitis AYWC vaccine.  We also strongly recommend the Meningitis B vaccine, in addition to the AYWC to provide maximum protection against this serious disease.

Recommended for all students:

  •     Hepatitis A - Especially for those travelling internationally
  •     Hepatitis B
  •     Human Papillomavirus (HPV2 or HPV4)
  •     Polio
  •     Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)

Recommended for members of high risk groups; consult with your medical provider regarding need:

  •     Meningococcal B
  •     Pneumococcal
We accept a negative tuberculin skin test, a negative chest X-ray or a negative IGRA blood test completed no longer than 6 months before the start of your classes at CMU Pittsburgh.

All incoming students must also:

Before receiving care at UHS, all students should:

  • Update their HealthConnect profile (to enable text messaging from UHS, add preferred name, update pronouns and gender identity, and confirm local address)
  • Complete our health history form in HealthConnect
  • Read and acknowledge our treatment agreement in HealthConnect
  • Read and acknowledge our notice of privacy practices [pdf]

When you have your andrew ID, you can access all of our online forms in HealthConnect (select Forms). You can also upload your immunization records here. 

Please note: in order to access HealthConnect, your birthdate in the Student Information System (SIO) must be correct. If you are unable to access HealthConnect, check your birthdate in SIO. If it is incorrect, correct it at the HUB. The following day, it should be updated in HealthConnect. If you still have problems, contact us for help.

No, the online immunization form and TB screening questionnaire do not allow you to save partial information and return later to complete them.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that you:

1. Print a blank copy of our online forms.

2. Gather all of your immunization records.

3. Complete the forms on paper.

4. Review your information with your family, if needed.

5. Enter the information into the online immunization form and TB screening questionnaire.

No. Incoming students only need to complete the online forms and upload their immunization records for verification. Before completing your forms, please gather your health and immunization records, and review the information with your family, if needed.

Submit your immunization form and records prior to the due date with your current information.  We will review the information and contact you via your andrew email account to notify you if you are missing any requirements. 

Yes, if vaccination conflicts with your religious/personal beliefs, or is not advised for medical reasons.  To request a waiver, send us a signed letter (not an email) that indicates why the vaccination conflicts with your religious/personal beliefs.  If you have a medical reason for not receiving a vaccination, the letter must be written and signed by your healthcare provider.  Letters must be received by the immunization form due date for your incoming semester.  If a contagious disease outbreak occurs, the university reserves the right to ask students who have not been vaccinated against that disease to leave campus until the outbreak is over.