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SHIP Benefits & Plan Documents

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is CMU's student health insurance provider. Plans are available for CMU undergraduate and graduate students and their eligible dependents. Medical, dental and vision plans are available. The full student insurance coverage year is August 1 through July 31. 

Plan Documents

Medical Plan Coverage Table (pdf)

This coverage table explains what your plan pays for specific services.

Summary of Benefits & Coverage (pdf)

The Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) shows you how you and the plan will share the cost for covered health care services.

Student Medical Plan Book (pdf)

This document provides information about your medical plan's benefits and coverage.

Student Dental Plan Book (pdf)

This document provides information about your dental plan's benefits and coverage.

Student Vision Plan Book (pdf)

This document provides information about your vision plan's benefits and coverage.

2024 Highmark Preventive Schedule (pdf)

As a part of your health plan, you may be eligible to receive some preventive benefits with little to no cost sharing when using in-network providers.

SHIP Benefits

Mental Health Benefits

Mental health services are covered 100% if the provider is in network with the SHIP.

Please note that Highmark does not cover sessions conducted by pre-licensed mental health providers.

CMU SHIP Emergency Travel Assistance

Members of CMU SHIP (medical plan) can access 24-hour emergency medical and travel assistance while traveling with the AXA Travel Assistance Program.


CMU SHIP Coverage While Traveling or Living Abroad

CMU SHIP (medical plan) members have access to a global network of healthcare providers through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program while traveling or living abroad.


Telemedicine through Amwell

Members of the CMU SHIP (medical plan) have access to telemedicine services through Amwell. Students can access Amwell services through the Highmark portal. After registering an online Highmark account with their insurance member ID, students have access to well360virtualhealth (powered by Amwell) from within the portal. 


Preventative Services

Preventative Services cover routine health care that includes screenings, check-ups, and immunizations to prevent illnesses, disease, or other health related problems. These preventive services help to ensure good health and well-being, with little to no cost when using in-network providers on the CMU SHIP.  You can schedule these services with UHS, or locate a primary care provider.

Medication Coverage

Prescription drugs are covered when you purchase them through an in-network pharmacy, or at UHS, and most prescriptions will incur a small copay. If you are in need of a prescription, either for the short term, for travel, or an ongoing basis:

  1. Search for covered medications in the Highmark Formulary. If the medication is covered;
  2. Locate the tier level for the medication in the SHIP Medical Plan Coverage Table. There you will find the copay amount;
  3. If enrolled in the SHIP, search for in-network pharmacies at your desired location in the Highmark portal

If you require more than a 90-day supply of medication for travel, please contact UHS for assistance at least 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date.

Additional Mental Health Resources

Counseling & Psychological Services (CaPS)