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Student Health Insurance Plans

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield will be our 2022-2023 student health insurance provider; plans are available for Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate and graduate students and their eligible dependents. Medical (SHIP), dental and vision plans are available.

How to enroll or waive

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This video shares helpful information about health insurance options at CMU.

About the 2022-2023 Highmark Student Insurance Plans

2022-2023 Annual Premium Rates 

Coverage August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2023

Medical Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

          Dental Plan           (optional)

         Vision Plan          (optional)

Student Only $2,262.96 $226.00 $70.56
Student + Partner OR Child $4,480.92 $379.84 $138.36
Student + Partner AND Child $6,698.76 $569.56 $205.92
Student + 2 or more Children $6,698.76 $569.56 $205.92
Student + Partner AND 2 or more Children $8,916.72 $569.56 $205.92
Coverage May 1 - July 31, 2022

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP Medical;         Dental & Vision not available)

Student Only $591.41
Student +1 $1,147.82
Student +2 $1,704.23
Student +3 or more $2,260.64

2021-2022 Annual Premium Rates 

Coverage August 1, 2021 - July 31, 2022

Medical Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

          Dental Plan           (optional)

         Vision Plan          (optional)

Student Only $2,260.64 $226.00 $70.56
Student +1 $4,486.28 $379.84 $138.36
Student +2 $6,711.92 $569.56 $205.92
Student +3 or more $8,937.56 $569.56 $205.92
Plan Documents

Medical Plan Book; Summary of Benefits; Medical Plan Coverage

Dental Coverage Summary Vision Coverage Summary

Using Your SHIP Benefits

Find participating in-network health care providers

Search for in-network health care providers in any U.S. location. For medical, search the BCBS PPO network and for dental, search the Elite Plus network. 

Highmark BCBS Find a Doctor

Search for covered medications

The CMU SHIP uses the Highmark Comprehensive Health Care Reform Formulary, which is a full list of prescription drugs that are covered by the plan. Prescription drug copays are listed on the SHIP Summary of Benefits

Highmark Comprehensive Health Care Reform Formulary

For students with chronic medical conditions that require specialty medications, the CMU SHIP uses the Alliance Rx / Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy program: Phone Number 888-347-3416.

Mental Health Resources

The CMU SHIP offers a variety of mental health benefits for members. 

CMU SHIP Mental Health Resources

Highmark Member Website

You can use your insurance member ID to register an online Highmark account at, where you can access all of your insurance details, including benefits and claims, as well as digital insurance cards.

Accessing Your highmark member site

CMU SHIP Coverage While Traveling or Living Abroad

CMU SHIP (medical plan) members have access to a global network of healthcare providers through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program, should you need care while traveling or living abroad.

How to use Global Core [pdf]

CMU SHIP Emergency Travel Assistance

Members of CMU SHIP (medical plan) can access 24-hour emergency medical and travel assistance while traveling, through the AXA Travel Assistance Program.

About AXA Travel Assistance [pdf]

Telemedicine through Amwell

Members of the CMU SHIP (medical plan) have access to telemedicine services through Amwell. 

Video: About Amwell virtual medicine

How to use Amwell virtual medicine [pdf]



Highmark Member Discounts

CMU SHIP (medical plan) members have access to a wide variety of health and wellness discounts.

video: Accessing Highmark member discounts

Enroll, Waive, Change or Cancel

Students must enroll in CMU SHIP or apply for a waiver during their Open Enrollment period. The Fall 2022 Open Enrollment has been extended to August 29, 2022. This is the final date by which all students must either enroll in or waive the CMU SHIP.

By default, the Student Health Insurance Plan premium fee is posted on student accounts; the fee will be removed for students who apply for and receive an approved waiver during the open enrollment period. Full-time students who do not submit an enrollment form or receive an approved waiver before the end of Open Enrollment will be enrolled in the student medical plan. 

Open Enrollment

Fall 2022 Open Enrollment: June 1 - August 29, 2022

The open enrollment period for medical insurance corresponds with a student's first active semester on campus each academic year. Each year, students must either enroll in CMU SHIP (medical) or apply to waive it (if they have insurance that meets university requirements) during their open enrollment period. 

Beginning June 1, students can fulfill this requirement by:

  • Logging into SIO, selecting Campus Life, then Health Insurance
  • Clicking the Highmark link
  • Selecting the option to enroll in CMU SHIP or apply for a waiver 
  • Submit a completed application form and provide all required documentation

Enrollment for vision and dental plans is only available during fall and spring open enrollment. Both timeframes are open to all eligible participants.

Monthly Payment Option - Fall Open Enrollment Only

Nelnet Campus Commerce allows you to pay your insurance premium in nine monthly payments (September through May). If you already use Nelnet Campus Commerce to pay your tuition and fees, you can add your health insurance premiums to that plan. For details or to enroll in a health insurance payment plan, visit

If you are paying for medical, dental and/or vision premiums with a Nelnet payment plan, please first enroll in these plans as instructed above in the Open Enrollment procedure. The monthly payment option is only available during Fall Open Enrollment.

For more information, call 1-800-722-4867 to speak with an Education Payment Counselor.

Apply for a Waiver

To qualify for a waiver, students must verify that they already have medical insurance that meets the university’s requirements. Waiver applications are only accepted during Open Enrollment.

Waiver applications submitted before the end of Open Enrollment will be processed as on-time waivers. If approved, the student insurance charge will be removed from the account; if a waiver is not approved (because the plan does not meet university requirements), the student will be enrolled in the student medical insurance plan. 

With an approved waiver, the student is accepting full financial liability for any medical costs incurred.

This video explains how to apply for a waiver.

2020-2021 Student Health Plan Guides

Students who were on last year's Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan (coverage through July 31, 2021) who need plan information can contact with questions.