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Who We Are

Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are a team of NASPA-Certified Peer Educators supporting and encouraging holistic student health and well-being across campus through culturally responsive programming, projects, and one-on-one meetings. Email us at

Our guiding values are:


Peer Support Meetings

Students can schedule to meet with a Peer Health Advocate for things like:

  • Practice setting and communicating boundaries
  • Navigating on and off campus resources 
  • Brainstorming mindfulness and meditation tools
  • Reviewing and demonstrating safer sex tools 
  • Generating tasty, satisfying, and accessible meal and snack ideas 

PHAs can meet wherever feels most comfortable for you - be it a coffee shop, walking around the track, a private room in the Health Promotion office, or on Zoom.


Meet the Undergraduate PHAs

Undergraduate and graduate students can schedule with whomever they prefer. Undergrads can schedule with grads and vice versa!

Amara Vergara Agyakwa bio image
Amara Vergara Agyakwa (she/her)
First-Year, Business Administration
Schedule with Amara

Interests: Nutrition, Running, Trading, VC
Ash Gelber bio image
Ash Gelber (they/them)
Junior, Psychology
Schedule with Ash

InterestsTheater, Video Games, Cooking, Mental Health Advocacy
Vlad Miloserdov bio image
Vlad Miloserdov
First-Year, Undeclared
Schedule with Vlad
Mani Ndukwe-Ajala bio image
Mani Chinesom
Junior, Business Administration

Meet the Graduate PHAs

Graduate and undergraduate students can schedule with whomever they prefer. Grads can schedule with undergrads and vice versa!

Sai Ghule bio photo
Sai Ghule
Heinz - Information Systems Management
Schedule with Sai
Siva Komaragigi bio image
Siva Komaragiri (he/him)
Heinz - Health Care Analytics and Information Technology
Schedule with Siva

LanguagesEnglish, Hindi, Telugu
Anushka Mehta bio photo
Anushka Mehta
Heinz - Information Systems Management
Schedule with Anushka

Interests: Art, History, Bollywood
Harsh Vaibhav Nallanthighal bio photo
Harsh Vaibhav Nallanthighal (he/him)
College of Engineering - Energy Science, Technology and Policy
Schedule with Harsh

Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu
Interests: Reading, Music, Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Baking

Highlights of the PHA Program

The PHA program began as a student organization and has evolved over the years with input from students. PHAs are now paid employees of University Health Services, working as liaisons and a resource for campus health and well-being. 

Additionally, the program has shifted from group education to a one-on-one support model, including text support, drop-in visits, and scheduled consultations.

The PHAs engage in their support of students using a specialist model, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Disability Resources
  • Sexual Health
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health
  • Nutrition

In addition to the undergraduate program, graduate students are now active in PHA roles to support graduate student health and wellbeing.

The PHA program offers a credited mini-course that teaches the foundations of peer education (99-121). Course enrollment is open to all students and required for PHAs.