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Wellness to Go at CMU

Carnegie Mellon's University Health Services (UHS) is dedicated to enhancing students' well-being through convenient access to healthcare, including sexual and reproductive health. At the start of the spring 2024 semester, two Wellness to Go vending machines will be available on campus.

Located on the lower level of the Cohon University Center and the main floor of the Tepper Building, these machines increase access to essential health products, including sexual and reproductive health, common remedies, and COVID-19 testing. Specifically, students now have direct access to the following:

  • Comprehensive Sexual Health Solutions: Emergency contraception, condoms, and pregnancy tests are readily available for discreet and convenient access.
  • Common Health Remedies: From pain relievers to cough medicine and allergy remedies, your everyday health needs are covered.
  • COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests: Stay proactive with on-the-go testing.
  • Harm Reduction Measures: Narcan nasal spray and fentanyl test strips promote a safer and more informed approach to substance use.
  • Explore the full list of all available items.

This curated selection of products aims to exceed the diverse health needs of our student community.

UHS Wellness to Go is sponsored by University Health Services, Undergraduate Student Senate, and the Graduate Student Assembly.

UHS Wellness to Go Product Directory

Below is a chart of what’s available for sale, comparable branded products, relevant uses, and prices.

Did an item not dispense? Contact the Wellness to Go Team for a product replacement, refund, or assistance.

Vending Machine Number

Product Name

Compare To
(Name Brand)

Helps With


Sexual Health Products

EContra One-Step
Emergency Contraception
Plan B Emergency birth control - pregnancy prevention
Most effective if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex

Condoms (external)
10 condoms with lubricant

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) and pregnancy prevention Free

Pregnancy Tests
1 test

Diagnosing pregnancy $3

Condoms (internal)

5 condoms
STI and pregnancy prevention Free
B6 Dental Dams
5 dental dams
STI prevention Free

Cold/Flu Products

E0 E1 Acetaminophen Tylenol Pain and fever $4
E2 E3 Ibuprofen Advil Pain, muscle/joint inflammation, fever $4
E4 Mucus Relief DM Cough
(Dextromethorphan Guaifenesin)
Robitussin DM Cough, thins and loosens mucus $5
E6 Thermometer  Checking for fever $5
E7-E9 Fluticasone Nasal Spray Flonase Longer-term stuffy nose due to allergies or sinus congestion $7
F8 Allergy Relief
Claritin Sneezing, runny nose, watery, itchy eyes, and throat $4

Other Health Products

F6 Famotidine Pepcid Heartburn, indigestion, sour stomach $4
F7 Artificial Tears
(lubricant eye drops)
Murine Tears Lubricating, soothing dry eyes $3
F0 Hydrocortisone Cream 1%  Itchy, irritated skin, bug bites $3
F2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
(Bacitracin, neomycin, polymyxin)
Neosporin Healing minor cuts, scrapes, burns $3
F4 Athlete’s foot Cream
(Clotrimazole cream)
Lotrimin Fungal skin infections, like athlete’s foot, ringworm or jock, vaginal itch $3
D6-D8 Flow Flex COVID Test
1 antigen test
Testing for COVID 19 (BACKORDERED, may be out of stock)  $7
C8 KN95 Mask
1 mask
Prevention of spreading germs from COVID and flu $0.50

Harm Reduction Products

D2 D4 Narcan Nasal Spray
(Naloxone HCL)
Opioid overdose prevention Free
D0 Fentanyl Test Strip Testing pills/drugs for fentanyl $2

Vending Machine Locations

wtg-cuc-min.pngAndy's Alcove, Cohon University Center

Located in lower level of the Cohon University Center behind the Mailroom Pick up window and Tartan Ink.

wtg-tepper-min.pngTepper Building

Located on the main level of the Tepper Building in the hallway between the elevators (on the right) and the PNC Foundation Room and Terrace (on the left) near the restrooms.

Vending machines are open 24 hours a day. Credit card and Apple Pay accepted (no cash).

About the Wellness to Go Initiative

University Health Services is deeply committed to expanding access to and reducing barriers for comprehensive reproductive health services. UHS promotes and provides primary birth control methods, like birth control pills and IUDs for pregnancy prevention. Emergency contraception (Plan B) is also available at UHS. However, ordering it from UHS or going to a pharmacy may not be feasible for everyone. The UHS Wellness to Go vending machines provide more convenient access to lower cost emergency contraception. Offering other wellness and harm reduction supplies alongside reproductive health items will provide CMU students with many affordable health products when they need them most.