Carnegie Mellon University

Change or Cancel SHIP Enrollments

If you've enrolled in the medical SHIP:

  • You can update your personal information and/or add eligible dependents to your plan during your Open Enrollment period.
  • Outside of your Open Enrollment period, you can update your personal information, but can only add eligible dependents if they've had a qualifying life event.
  • Qualifying events are not required for removing a dependent from your plan. Dependents cannot be removed after March 31 of the coverage year.

To make changes to your SHIP enrollment, contact UHS for assistance.


Cancellations are only available under the following circumstances: 

  • December Graduation (or September certification for doctoral students graduating in December)

  • Formal separation from CMU (i.e. leave of absence, withdrawal, suspension, forfeit)

  • Fall semester foreign exchange students returning to their university after the fall semester

  • Enrollment in Medicaid in the state in which you are studying (e.g., a Pittsburgh campus student approved for enrollment into PA Medicaid). Enrollment is based on eligibility and the application process can be lengthy. Students must also have applied for Medicaid before or during their open enrollment period.

The option to join a new plan does not make a student eligible to cancel their current insurance enrollment.  

If you meet this criterion, email UHS when your university enrollment status has been updated to reflect one of the statuses listed above (or when you wish to remove a dependent or have been approved for Medicaid) and we can assist you. You may be eligible to receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining months' premiums.  The final deadline to submit a cancellation request form is March 31 and the insurance plan cannot be canceled after April 1 (May, June and July cancellations are not permitted). 


Approved SHIP Cancellations

Approved SHIP cancellations are always effective on the first day of a month. The effective date will be the first of the month following the date your cancellation form is received or your date of separation from CMU, whichever is later. Examples:

If you graduate in December and submit a cancellation form in December, your SHIP will be cancelled as of January 1.

If you are an exchange student leaving the US after the fall semester and submit a cancellation form in January, your SHIP will be cancelled as of February 1.

If you are taking a leave of absence starting in February and submit a cancellation form in January, your SHIP will be cancelled as of March 1.