Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Resources

There are many resources, staff and departments that provide services to enhance the intellectual, occupational, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural development of students.

Review the First-Year Onboarding Checklist for items to complete before your arrival on campus. Browse the resources on this page to learn more about campus offices that will help you prepare for your transition to the university and provide support during the Orientation program.

Banking at Carnegie Mellon University

PNC Bank makes it easier for Carnegie Mellon students to keep track of their money. PNC has convenient on-campus locations, with nine ATMs and even a Customer Service Center on the lower level of the Cohon Center. Plus, PNC offers Virtual Wallet® Student, with easy-to-use checking and saving accounts and interactive tools to help students develop solid money management skills.

For even more convenience, you can use your ID Card as an ATM card if you choose to link it to your PNC Bank account. You’ll need only one card to get into your residence hall, pay for meals, do your laundry, get cash at ATMs and more!

PNC Bank ATMs on Campus

  • Cohon University Center, 1st floor – two ATMs (one accepts deposits)
  • Cohon University Center, lower level – two ATMs (accept deposits)
  • Gates Building – 3rd floor
  • Hunt Library – 1st floor
  • Posner Hall – 1st floor rear entrance
  • Tepper Quad Building
  • Wean Hall – 5th floor lobby

PNC Bank Offices on and near Campus

  • PNC Customer Service Center - Cohon University Center, lower level
  • Craig Street Branch – 4600 Fifth Avenue
  • Oakland Branch – 4022 Fifth Avenue
  • Squirrel Hill Branch – 5810 Forbes Avenue

Registering Personal Property

Setting Up Your Personal Technology

Before you start this fall, review this information to help you prepare for computing at Carnegie Mellon. For more information, visit the Computing Services website.

Prepare your Computer

Review the Computing Services' Tech Quick Start to ensure you have:

  • The right hardware
  • A secure device
  • Registered for two-factor authentication (2fa)
  • Logged into your university email account
  • Essential software applications

Need Help Computing? 

Contact the Computing Services Help Center
412-268-4357 (HELP) 

The HUB - Student Service Center

The HUB staff delivers comprehensive service and counsel to students and families regarding financial aid, billing, payments, registration and academic records. For general questions and information, please email The HUB, call 412-268-8186 or visit The HUB website.

The assistant directors in The HUB serve as liaisons for specific colleges and assist enrolled students with key aspects of the enrollment process. Find your assigned HUB liaison on your Student Information Online (SIO) resource page or on The HUB website.

View Your Class Schedule

View your approved class schedule via Student Information Online (SIO) on the Course Schedule screen. Each academic area handles registration differently for incoming students. If you have questions about schedule changes, transfer credits or other issues regarding course registration, speak with your advisor during First-Year Orientation.


Andrew User ID and Student ID Number

Your Andrew user ID and password provide access to numerous campus resources. Your Student ID Number can be found on the My Info screen in Student Information Online (SIO).

We ask that students keep their Andrew User IDs and passwords private. Parents and family members who wish to view a student's information are asked to not request their private log-in information (especially due to Two-Factor Authentication) to SIO. Instead, we suggest using secure services like My Plaid Student and Invoice Authorization, or communicating directly with your student. Learn more about how parents and family members can stay informed on The Hub website.

Student Information Online (SIO)

Student Information Online (SIO) serves as your student profile and you should ensure it is kept up-to-date with your family’s most recent contact information. 

You will log into SIO using your Andrew user ID and password to:

  • View grades, QPA and enrollment status
  • Order transcripts and verifications
  • Plan your course schedule and complete course registration activities
  • View financial aid details, including awards, application status and federal loan information
  • View student account invoices and activity
  • Make payments via Online Banking and designate a bank account for electronic refunds
  • Manage family and friend contact information and invite individuals to view your student account invoices, make payments and order verifications through My Plaid Student
  • View housing and meal plan assignments

Student Privacy & FERPA

Carnegie Mellon University values students' rights to privacy and adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In accordance with FERPA, Carnegie Mellon officials do not disclose information from a student record without the student’s consent. The policy applies to all Carnegie Mellon University students, faculty, staff and school officials. For more information, visit The HUB website.

Postal Services

CMU Postal Services is a full-service USPS post office owned and operated by Carnegie Mellon University located on the lower level of the Cohon Center.

Postal Services offers a wide range of products and services, such as stamps, postage, mailing boxes, envelopes, tape, USPS forms and money orders. CMU Postal Services is your one-stop destination for your domestic and international shipping and mailing needs.

Student Mail Code (SMC)

All incoming first-year students are assigned a four-digit Student Mail Code (SMC) that matches a mailbox in university Postal Services, located on the lower level of the Cohon Center. Your SMC code is used to route all USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS mail, parcels and campus mail to your student mailbox and/or the package pickup window.

SMC & Post Office Box Combination

After you are enrolled, go to Student Information Online (SIO) under the My Info tab to retrieve your four-digit Student Mail Code (SMC) and post office box combination. Please retrieve this information prior to coming to Postal Services to retrieve mail and packages. No information about SMCs or post office box combinations will be provided at Postal Service’s front counter or at the package pickup window.

Forwarding Mail to Campus

To forward mail from your permanent address to your Carnegie Mellon address fill out the United States Postal Service Official Mail Forwarding Form, available from You must include SMC "xxxx" on Line 7a of the form. If you fail to do so, the delivery of your mail may be delayed and cannot be guaranteed.

Shipping Belongings to Campus

Due to limited storage space and the large volume of incoming parcels received at the start of each semester, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not ship your belongings until two weeks prior to your arrival on campus.
  • Maximum box dimensions are 20”x20”x20” in length, width, height.
  • Maximum box weight is 35 pounds. When ordering textbooks online, please ask the vendor to consolidate shipments whenever possible.

Claiming Packages & Mail

Mail that fits inside of a mailbox and does not contain a tracking number will be placed inside your mailbox on the lower level of the Cohon Center. Mail that contains a tracking number or does not fit inside the mailbox will be directed to package pickup, also located on the lower level of the Cohon Center. Once the item is processed, an automated email will be sent to your CMU email account. The item will only be available after it has been processed. To claim mail at the package pickup door, present a photo ID (CMU ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.), provide your SMC and the number of emails you received from the notification system.

Holding Mail during Summer & Semester Breaks

Mail and packages will be held during the winter and spring breaks. A 10-day limitation on mail/packages is enforced during the academic year and summer break. During summer break, be sure to address mail to your current location. If you choose, CMU Postal Services can forward mail for you. Mail forwarding is available for locations within the United States only. Mail forwarding request forms are available online. Temporary forwards remain in effect until the end date listed on the request form or until Postal Services is notified by email. Permanent forwards (such as those for graduating students or students leaving campus) last for 30 days after their change in status. Postal Services does not accept temporary or permanent forwarding requests by phone, email or in person.

University Store

The University Store, located in the Cohon Center, is independently owned and operated by Carnegie Mellon University.

Art Store

Conveniently located on the lower level of the Cohon Center, the Art Store carries supplies for fine arts students and casual hobbyists. If your department requires an art kit, it can be found at the Art Store or on the Art Store’s homepage. The store offers competitive prices and can custom order products and supplies.

For more information, email Amy Daly or call 412-268-2968.

Campus Spirit & Life

Campus Spirit sells CMU-branded clothing, home decor and professional gifts. Campus Life carries school supplies and the items you need to make your dorm your home—from folders and binders to extension cords and fans. Merchandise can be ordered online and shipped.

For more information, email the bookstore or call 412-268-1032.

Computer Sales & Services

Located within the University Store on the lower level, Computer Sales and Service is a one-stop shop for technology needs. Academic pricing is available on a large selection of items from Apple, Dell, Lenovo and more. We are authorized to service Apple, Dell and Lenovo products.

For more information, email Computer Sales and Services, call 412-268-2636 or visit the the University Stores' website and select Computer Sales.

Textbooks & Course Materials

The University Store is the official textbook provider for Carnegie Mellon University. The online bookstore lets students preorder textbooks, choose from various formats (eBooks, rentals, loose-leaf, used, new), and compare prices from third party vendors like Amazon. The store also lists supplementary course information—such as if an instructor provides more materials through Canvas or recommends students use a certain calculator.

Students may search for textbooks online. Simply enter all course numbers into the site and the requested materials from the instructors will populate. Some textbooks also include a guaranteed buyback price—the amount the student can get back for their book at the end of the semester. After selecting course materials to purchase, choose delivery to either the University Store, SMC mailbox or to a permanent mailing address.

Veteran Benefits Information & ROTC Program Opportunities

Carnegie Mellon is a Veteran Education Program supporting school. Learn about what Veterans Educational benefits may be available to you and the process of using them to support your education. Carnegie Mellon also participates in ROTC Programs for qualified students. Naval, Army and Air Force ROTC are hosted at Carnegie Mellon. Learn about the requirements and the benefits of these Veteran Education programs.