Carnegie Mellon University

Philosophy Behind the Policy


Carnegie Mellon adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Conduct. In addition, all employers must review and adhere to the U.S. Department of Labor Guidelines for Unpaid Internships

Working with us implies that you have read and agree to adhere to these principles.

Our offer guideline was created in the spirit of being respectful of employers’ timelines and hiring needs while providing students with sufficient time to consider offers of employment. It is designed to minimize incidents of reneging (pursuing and accepting an employment offer after accepting another offer). It has been our experience that students who feel undue pressure to make an employment decision are often more prone to renege after accepting. Adhering to the timeframes detailed in the offer policy is therefore in the best interests of both employers and students.

For all student questions regarding this guideline, please contact your Career Consultant.

Hiring & Offer Policy

  • For all return offers* received after completing a summer internship**, students should be given at least until October 15th or three (3) weeks (whichever is later) to respond.
  • For all other offers with a start date in the following calendar year/s, students should be given until Nov. 15th or three (3) weeks (whichever is later) to respond.
  • All offers with a start date in the current calendar year should provide students a minimum of three (3) weeks to respond.
Offer* with a start date in following calendar year/s (January 2025-December 2025)

Type of Offer Extended

Earliest Student Response Dates

Any offer as a result of a summer internship** (return offer)

October 15th or three weeks (whichever is later)

All other offers

November 15th or three weeks (whichever is later)

Offer with a start date in current calendar year (January 2024-December 2024)

Type of Offer Extended                                                

Earliest Student Response Dates                 

All offers

Minimum of three weeks

*At a minimum, an offer of employment for a full-time or internship position should be in writing, and should contain the following information: job title, anticipated start date, and basic financial information such as salary, bonus, stock options, and/or relocation support.
**An internship constitutes a work experience that provides students with practical knowledge in a particular field or area of study. They are a type of hands-on, experiential learning that occurs in a professional work setting for a specified period of time (10-12 weeks, 20-40 hours). Students are assigned an on-site supervisor who creates specific learning objectives to be achieved throughout the duration of the internship.