Carnegie Mellon University

Appointments & Reservations

  • Book an in-person or virtual appointment with the CPDC Advising Center
  • Learn about the CPDC Interview Center and reserve a room for a Zoom or phone interview

Resource Library

  • Download or access documents and links related to various career topics
  • Watch and/or listen to video and audio career resources, as well as more external career help links

Engage Early (Undergrads)

  • Learn about the CPDC's various programs and opportunities available specifically for CMU students who are early in their academic career
  • Access the Career Launch learning modules in Canvas

On-Campus Employment

  • Learn about the many on-campus job opportunities available  to CMU students
  • Discover resources, guidelines, and FAQs for CMU student workers

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Learn about the CPDC's DEI efforts and specialized career advising appointments
  • Access career resources and support for a variety of audiences and identities

International Students

  • Explore job search resources and guidelines available to International Students
  • Learn about other on-campus resources and guidelines available at CMU

Funding Opportunities

  • Learn about several internship funding opportunities available through the CPDC
  • Explore funding information for undergraduate research initiatives 

Alumni of Carnegie Mellon

  • Discover a variety of career resources and services available to CMU alumni
  • Access CMUniverse, a virtual mentoring platform designed to connect CMU students with alumni