Carnegie Mellon University

The Career and Professional Development Center takes our commitment to the environment very seriously, and have therefore partnered with the Scotty Goes Green Initiative to be as sustainable as possible in our operations.

For more information on the CMU campus-wide Scotty Goes Green initiative, please click here.

By achieving the Gold Level, the CPDC has accomplished the following Green Initiatives:

  1. Our office has signed the Scotty Goes Green Participation Pledge
  2. We have completed our Green Office Pre-Audit
  3. We include sustainability topics as a regular agenda item at staff meetings
  4. Our office has a Green Team
  5. Our workplaces includes a link to the Environment @CMU website and information about our progress toward becoming green certified
  6. Our office displays the Green Tip poster and certificate on an office bulletin board
  7. Members of our office know the Scotty Goes Green rep is the contact for ideas, questions and comments regarding sustainability
  8. We report our sustainability initiatives and progress on our department’s website.
  9. We follow all aspects of the CMU Recycling Policy.
  10. We incorporates sustainability into Performance Reviews.
  11. We each perform Scotty Goes Green actions at home.
  1. We have installed occupancy sensors so that lights turn off when we leave an unoccupied room or we use task lighting or daylight in place of overhead light
  2. When possible, we use human power instead of electric power
  3. We used centralized, shared appliances and equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers, and refrigerators
  4. We possible, we try to turn off our computers and monitors every night
  5. Our office completes and energy ‘power down’ before the holidays and breaks
  6. When we replace or update appliances and equipment, we purchase those that are ENERGY STAR qualified.
  7. We have replaced our old power strips with “smart” power strips wherever possible. 
  1. For on-campus meetings and departmental events, we carpool; take the shuttle, bike, or walk
  2. We are aware of the bike racks nearest our office buildings
  3. Our office has reduced our commuter carbon footprint by 20 percent from baseline levels identified in the Bronze level.
  4. When hotels are required for travel, we select environmentally friendly ones.
  1. We report leaks and running faucets to FMS
  2. We use environmentally friendly products
  3. We provide kitchen facilities so that our employees can more easily eat at work.
  4. We compost eligible waste to reduce landfill waste. 
  1. We use reusable mugs/cups at office meetings and events
  2. We have made our meetings paper-free
  1. We practice recycling and we have recycling instructions poster near all recycling bins
  2. We provide recycling bins at events and meetings sponsored by our office
  3. We recycle batteries using the FMS battery collection service
  4. We reuse singles-sided copy and print paper
  5. We recycle used toner and ink cartridges from printers and copy machines
  6. We recycle our plastic bags
  7. All e-waste for our office or department is recycled. 
  1. We have established an office supply sharing and re-use area for file folders, binders, pens, tape, etc.
  2. We user interdepartmental envelopes for mailing on campus
  3. We print and copy on both sides of pages and our printers/computers are set of automatic double-sided printing whenever possible
  4. We arrange for surplus furniture, electronics, and equipment to be reused or donated
  5. We have unsubscribed to all junk mail so that there is no unsolicited mail delivered to our office.
  6. We use electronic distribution for all department communications.
  7. We have reduced the number of giveaways at job fairs and other events. 
  1. For printing and copying, we buy paper containing at least 30% recycled content
  2. If we must purchase new (or used) appliances and equipment, we only purchase those that comply with USEPA Energy Start Guidelines
  3. We reuse all standard office supplies (paperclips, push pins, and folders, etc.) whenever possible and generally refrain from making these purchases often
  4. When we buy supplies for our office, we buy in bulk
  5. We buy environmentally friendly gifts for retirements, celebrations, and guest speakers.