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International Students


Graduate students at Carnegie Mellon represent more than 80 countries worldwide, with international students comprising 48 percent of our student population as of Fall 2009. Because of our global diversity, Carnegie Mellon understands from the "inside out" even as it provides opportunities and experiences from the "outside in" what it means to be a global university, and the importance of working together by learning to listen, to communicate, and to understand and respect one another, and one another's cultures.

To assist you from the time you consider applying to Carnegie Mellon until you become one of our alumni, we have resources specifically for our international students.

The Office of International Education (OIE) is here to help answer your questions and advise you on many issues including application procedures, financial support, housing, obtaining a driver's license, employment, social security card, passport, and visa status, to name just a few.

The Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) offers language support and cross-cultural training to help all students who are non-native English speakers succeed in their academic programs. The ICC also helps teaching assistants who are non-native English speakers develop the fluency and cultural understanding to teach successfully at Carnegie Mellon.