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OIE Statistics

The following documents include information related to international student growth at Carnegie Mellon, students on OPT, student funding sources, citizenship by region, college and program enrollment, admission, and more.  International students represented here include individuals in F or J immigration status on the University’s visa documents.  Broader student demographic information, including information about students who are not on our visa documents, is available from Institutional Research and Analysis.

General Statistics

Admission Statistics

Fall 2020 (pdf)* Summer & Fall 2020 (pdf)*
Fall 2019 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2019 (pdf)
Fall 2018 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2018 (pdf)
Fall 2017 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2017 (pdf)
Fall 2016 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2016 (pdf)
Fall 2015 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2015 (pdf)
Fall 2014 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2014 (pdf)
Fall 2013 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2013 (pdf)
Fall 2012 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2012 (pdf)
Fall 2011 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2011 (pdf)
Fall 2010 (pdf) Summer & Fall 2010 (pdf) 

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers listed are not a complete representation of Carnegie Mellon’s 2020 international student population, as many newly enrolled students could not obtain a U.S. immigration status, but did require support and services from the OIE office as they began their programs remotely overseas. Thus, only enrolled students who had obtained a U.S. immigration status as of Fall 2020 are captured in these statistics.