Carnegie Mellon University

Maintaining Status

During your time at Carnegie Mellon, you will have many exciting opportunities. To experience the most this time has to offer, you must meet certain requirements to maintain your immigration status. It is important to be prepared and understand your legal immigration status so that you can pursue your studies or employment as expected.

This section contains up-to-date information, tips, and advice on maintaining your immigration status. Remember - you should always consult your OIE advisor before making any decisions that could affect your status in the U.S. 

For Students

There are many facets of maintaining your legal immigration status as a student during your time at CMU, including the requirement to maintain a full course load, steps to take if seeking a program or degree change, steps to take if you need to extend your I-20 or DS-2019, and issues that may arise when leaving CMU for any reason.

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For Scholars

Maintaining your legal immigration status as a scholar during your time at CMU is critical to your ability to continue your employment, research, or teaching. Here you can learn more about extending your status, home residency requirements, applying for U.S. permanent residency, and what to do when it is time to leave CMU.

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