Carnegie Mellon University

Employment as a Foreign Scholar

Foreign scholars are an important part of our Carnegie Mellon community. Whether you are a J-1 Scholar, H-1B Worker or a member of another work category, we are here to help support you as you work to innovate and transform the world. Below you will find detailed resources regarding individual statuses for every step of your application.

J-1 Scholars

Carnegie Mellon's Exchange Visitor Program comprises J-1 researchers and professors and provides opportunities for research, teaching and study. Learn more about the process of applying for J-1 status and the resources available to you as a J-1 scholar.

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H-1B Scholars

H-1B status is for individuals who will perform services in a "specialty occupation." Current and prospective CMU employees can find out more about applying for H-1B status and the resources available to you as an H-1B worker.

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Other Work Categories

Other work categories include individuals in B-1 or B-2, J-2, O-1, TN and E-3 status that permit employment or formal visits. Even if OIE is not directly involved in helping you obtain your work status, we can provide orientation, information, and assistance.

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