Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-Arrival Instructions & Information

For New Foreign Scholars

Once you are invited by a professor or researcher to come to Carnegie Mellon as a visiting scholar, researcher or professor, the Foreign Scholar Coordinator within the academic department is notified. The coordinator will gather required information (i.e., family member and dependent information, financial support evidence, prior immigration/visa status) and work with OIE to produce the proper immigration documents for non-immigrant status. 

It is important to respond promptly and accurately to all communications with the academic department and OIE so documents can be processed in a timely manner. If you're uncertain about the process, ask your primary CMU contact (i.e., faculty member, researcher) for the contact information of the department's Foreign Scholar Coordinator.

Select Your Immigration Status for Details

J-1 (Visitor Exchange)

Most research scholars, visiting professors or short-term visitors will come to the U.S. in J-1 (Exchange Visitor) status.

H-1B Worker

Tenure-track faculty appointments generally involve the university petitioning for H-1B worker status.

Other Statuses

Other immigration options may be B-1/B-2, E-3, TN, or F-1 Optional Practical Training, depending on the nature of the CMU appointment, the country of citizenship of the individual, and whether or not the individual is already in the U.S.