Carnegie Mellon University

Maintaining Legal Status for Scholars

As a foreign scholar in the U.S., you are responsible for maintaining your immigration status while working, teaching, or conducting research at Carnegie Mellon. Below you can learn more about the rules and regulations you must comply with to maintain your legal status while at CMU.

documents.jpgH-1B Workers

H-1B status employees have certain unique requirements and considerations that need to be understood to maintain their legal status. Here you will find more detailed information regarding the requirements for H-1B workers.


lunar-lander.jpgExtending Your Status

For many reasons, you may need to extend your time at Carnegie Mellon beyond the end date currently approved in your immigration documents. In this section, you will find information about how to request an extension.


airport.jpgLeaving CMU

We hope that your time at CMU has been rewarding, and know that there is a lot to consider as you prepare to leave. In this section, you can find practical details about your return to your home country.