Carnegie Mellon University
What we can do for you:

What we can do for you:

The staff of the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis operate under the leadership of the Office of the Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Planning to contribute to meaningful work across all areas of Carnegie Mellon University. By collecting, organizing, and analyzing information, their resulting insights allow staff and faculty to better understand the CMU community and the environment in which they work.

Consultation or Assessment

Do you need help with planning a specific part of your study? Our staff can counsel you on appropriate aspects of assessment, including:

  • Developing your research questions
  • Survey methodology and design
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Analysis and usage of results

Conducting Studies

Do you know what you want to study, but do not have the expertise and resources? We will work you to create and conduct a study, analyze the results, and provide you with a report of the findings.

Workshops and Education

Building Your Research Capacity: A series of workshops offered to staff that will assist them with their own assessment projects, beginning with "Developing your research question" and ending with "Using results." Stay tuned for future workshop dates.

Partnership Model

Each college or division, as well as some departments within administrative divisions, has an IRandA staff member as their partner.

The partner serves as the primary point of contact for the unit, in order to establish regular communication, make sure the informational and analytical needs of the unit are being met, and streamline communication to a single contact outside of regularly-occurring projects.