Carnegie Mellon University

Incoming Fulbright & Exchange Students

Incoming Fulbright Students

International Fulbright student immigration documents are processed by the Fulbright program and will need to work with Fulbright for immigration related matters such as obtaining a travel signature.

Fulbright students may wish to share their documents, along with their Fulbright Award Letter, with OIE to be kept on file. Fulbright students are welcome to view the OIE Orientation Canvas course for general information about Carnegie Mellon University. To share documents or to request access to the OIE Orientation Canvas course, please email Your academic department can also help you learn more about on-campus resources. 

Incoming Exchange Students

Incoming exchange students may attend Carnegie Mellon on a non-degree basis for one or two semesters. In order to attend, the student's home institution must have a signed, formal exchange agreement with Carnegie Mellon. The home institution will provide the necessary application forms for the student to complete, and upon receipt of the completed paperwork from the home institution and approval from the Carnegie Mellon host department, OIE will issue the necessary immigration document.