Carnegie Mellon University

Student Groups & Leadership

OIE supports international and internationally-focused student groups at Carnegie Mellon in several significant ways:

OIE can help to publicize your student group event through our regular “Friday Email.” OIE's Friday Email is sent each week during the academic year to Carnegie Mellon international students and scholars who have indicated an interest in receiving OIE updates regarding cultural events of interest both on and off campus.

To request inclusion of your group's events in OIE's Friday email send email to Office of International Education with the subject line “Friday Email request.” Your request should be received at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date. Be sure to include the following details:

  • Event Name and Explanation
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Entry costs or fees (if any)
  • Contact name and email for more information

OIE must be able to easily cut and paste the content of your email into the Friday Email. OIE reserves the right to edit the information, request clarification, or deny entry.

Questions about this service or policy may be directed to the OIE Director or sent to Office of International Education.

In some cases and at the discretion of the OIE staff, OIE will facilitate direct outreach to specific groups of students and/or scholars based upon citizenship or other criteria. Examples of this type of facilitated outreach include:

  • A new student from Country X would like to contact other students from his/her same country. OIE may refer the student to an active student group on campus or OIE may send an email to a specified group upon request.
  • A student association from Country ABC would like to plan a welcome reception for the new incoming students from Country ABC. OIE will send an email on behalf of the student association to all new incoming international students.
  • A well-respected job placement company from Country G would like to advertise an upcoming job fair. OIE will send an email to all students and scholars from Country G notifying them of the job fair opportunity.
  • A Carnegie Mellon faculty member is seeking the input of students who speak a certain language for a class project. OIE will send an email on behalf of the faculty member to all students and/or scholars from specified countries where that language is spoken to aid in the project goals and completion.

Questions about this service of policy may be directed to the OIE Director, or sent to Office of International Education.

OIE staff members have historically served as student group advisors to the International Student Union (ISU) and to Budaya. We value these opportunities to support international students as needed and to build strong relationships with our student body. This informal, but supportive, relationship between OIE staff and student group leaders allows for consistency from year to year and ongoing support by and for the student group by a professional staff person.

Student groups are encouraged to reach out to faculty and staff to serve as advisors. Additional information on the advisor relationship can be obtained from the Office of Student Activities, 412-268-8704.

If you are interested in having an OIE staff person serve as an advisor to your student organization, please contact the OIE Director or email Office of International Education.

Student Groups at Carnegie Mellon

There are many internationally-focused student groups affiliated with Carnegie Mellon. A great source for joining and exploring student groups at CMU is by accessing The Bridge. Additional information about the recognized student organizations on campus may be obtained from the office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement (SLICE).

There are also many cultural and nationality groups affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh. If you cannot find the right group for you at Carnegie Mellon, you may want to explore the groups listed at Pitt's Student Organization Resource Center.

Beyond the university, there is also great diversity in the Pittsburgh community. You may want to explore these opportunities by searching the information available from Global Pittsburgh.

Student Leadership Opportunities

International students make vital contributions to the diversity of leadership and leadership styles on Carnegie Mellon's campus. In addition to serving as officers in student groups that are regionally, culturally, or country based, international students may take on important leadership roles. Some serve on advisory boards, provide leadership during orientation, work as resident assistants in the residence halls, and act as leaders within their academic units and departments.

Current international student leaders and students interested in leadership opportunities and skills are encouraged to actively participate in the leadership development workshops, sessions, and forums organized by SLICE. Opportunities include programs like Emerging Leaders, Women's Leadership, Senior Leadership Capstone, Orientation Leaders, Resident Assistants, Student Group Leader Training and Student Activities Fair. Visit's SLICE's website for more information.