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OIE Services

The Office of International Education (OIE) promotes and facilitates study abroad and acts as a liaison to the University for international students, researchers, and professors. OIE provides many services:

  • Advise international students and scholars regarding personal, immigration/visa, academic, social, and acculturation issues.
  • Advise students who wish to study abroad regarding programs and options.
  • Inform international students and scholars about changes in immigration regulations and about upcoming events via email and the OIE web site.
  • Plan workshops on cultural adjustment, reentry issues, career planning, tax filing, and other topics.
  • Support and advises international and cultural groups such as the International Student Union and the International Spouses and Partners Organization.
  • Organize orientation programs for new students and scholars as well as CMU students who study abroad.

Last Updated On:  July 10, 2017