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Documentation: Transcript & Skills Verification

The University Registrar:  

Official Transcripts                 
Unofficial Academic Records
Degree Verifications               

iii Team handles requests for Skills Verification Letters, which typically outline skills acquired in one of iii's academic degree programs (MSSM, MIIPS, MSTV) and/or in a specific class (or classes). Please specify the reason for the request and the skills and related courses you need to highlight. 

Request a Skills Verification Letter

Email & Account Transition

Transitioning from student-to-alum requires practical logistics re: emails and files. Your student account remains active for approximately 90 days after graduation so please use that time to back-up your files and migrate your email. MSSM & MSTV Students: Since you have two email accounts (@andrew and @sv), additional steps are needed; download details on SV Campus Email Migration (PDF).

Computing Services' Account Transition Instructions

The Alumni Mail Migration Tool

The Alumni Association's FAQs