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Sponsorship Success Stories

Our sponsors’ innovative spirit guides us.

Our sponsors expect us to solve problems for the present and the future. Many sponsors end up applying for patent/IP rights on the product or service idea produced through the course project. Our ideas are also frequently adopted into their existing product lines.


The Safety Shuttle | MSA Safety

How can you make construction sites safer?

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Rinse n Ready | NUK-USA

How can on-the-go parents provide fresh and nutritious snacks?

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Palletizing for Unique Packages | Parker Hannifin

How can the palletizing system be redesigned for packaging various sized goods?

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Common Cab | Volvo

How can Volvo bridge the gap between manual and autonomous operation?

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iLab | The Emirates Group

Tagline for Emirates Partnership

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NORA | Highmark Health

How can we fight the opioid epidemic in the Pennsylvania region?

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