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Digital Education Modules

Digital Remote Learning Modules were created by Carnegie Mellon students who participated in 99-520, section M, a Remote Project course held during the summer of 2020. Instructed by the Gelfand Center’s Pamela Piskurich and Miriam Wertheimer, undergraduate and graduate students in the course were passionate about developing activities and instructional materials to help young students understand the STEM concepts that they are studying at CMU. With instruction on best practices for remote learning, curriculum development, and organization, Pam and Mimi guided students to design these online modules for the Gelfand Outreach Program. This project engaged individual students and teams of students to design and develop a workshop module, similar to the Saturday Series classes, into this digital format. We hope that you enjoy their creative, educational products!

Pamela Piskurich, M.S.
Gelfand Center Program Director
Carnegie Mellon University

Miriam Wertheimer, M.A.T
Program Administrator
Carnegie Mellon University

Student Content Creators:  
Nishka Ahuja '22 Business Administration/Statistics and Data Science
Emily Albergo '21 Civil & Environmental Engineering/ Engineering & Public Policy
Stanley Chen '23 Mathematical Science 
Sue Lee '21 History 
Sophia Li '23 Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Renee Nikolov '22 Social and Decision Sciences 
Shaelyn Parker '22 Chemistry 
Caillou Pena '23 International Relations and Politics 
Hyeon Ju Song '20 Biomedical Engineering 
Vasudha Srinivasan '23 Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Video Editing and Module Organization Team: 
Caroline Holmes '24 Drama 
Shaelyn Parker '22 Chemistry
Shannon Werntz '21 Social and Decision Science 

Please note that some of the modules have handouts that you can download and print to enhance your child's learning experience.

CAUTION: If you are attempting an experiment, it is important to make sure that you are following all safety steps. All experiments should be completed with supervision of a parent/legal guardian. Weather permitting, we recommend taking your experiments outside as science can get messy. Remember to wear safety gear like gloves, aprons, and goggles, especially for experiments with chemical reactions!

The materials and information presented may be used solely for personal educational use as described in the Terms of Use and parents/legal guardians are responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions for the experiments. To the maximum extent allowed under law, Carnegie Mellon University is not responsible for any claims, damages or other liability arising from using the materials or conducting the experiments.

Be SAFE and enjoy the modules!