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ChemE Computing

Chemical Engineering Computing

Communication and Collaboration

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A link to the full list of services provided by ChemE and the university can be found on the homepage.

Collaboration (CMU)

  • Cloud storage, access from anywhere (Box, Google Drive)
  • Computer lab storage with remote access (MyFiles)
  • On-site storage with remote access (AFS) 

Collaboration (ChemE)

  • Department Box Org folders

Communications (CMU)

  • Auto call distribution for service departments
  • Group Chat
  • Unified Communications (phone, voicemail, instant messaging)

Communications (ChemE)

  • Office phone requests/support/removal

Email and Calendaring (CMU)

  • Email and calendar (Google Mail and Calendar)
  • Sending mail to groups and discussion groups (Dlists, Google Groups for Business, Mailing Lists, Mailman)

Email and Calendaring (ChemE)

  • Department Mailman Lists
  • Department Shared Mailboxes and Calendars
  • Resource and Personnel Calendars

Media Services (CMU)

  • Event Support (audio, lighting, projection)
  • Video Production (recording, post-production, media duplication, webcasts)

Media Services (ChemE)

  • Event Support (Internal and coordinate with CMU Media Services)
  • Event Consulting

Television (CMU)

  • Wired TV
  • Streaming TV (students)

Websites (CMU)

  • Web publishing (AWPS, CMS, User/CourseWeb)
  • Web analytics
  • Web forms
  • URL management

Websites (ChemE)

  • Web Hosting
  • CMS Hosting (Wordpress)
  • Sharepoint (Undergrad Lab Only)

Web Conferencing (CMU)

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Cisco WebEx

Web Conferencing (ChemE)

  • Equipment Lending
  • Equipment Support (Conference Rooms)