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Reserving Conference Rooms

All department conference rooms are available as G-Suite "Calendar Resources". These rooms can be booked by any user. See the sections below for step-by-step instructions for you email client.



**Rooms are only available to g-suite accounts
  1. From your Google calendar click a date to add an event
    g-suite event
  2. Click "Add rooms, location, or conferencing" then click  "Add Rooms" In the search bar type the room number of the room you want to select (Just the number. As you can see below, the old calendar, A DH 4201, shows up. You do NOT want to select this one. Select the one that has the form "Room Number Doherty Hall..."
  3. Double-click the room you want to use from the list. Your room is now successfully added. If the room is not available you have to change the dropdown to "Include unavailable rooms". If the room is unavailable at the required time, you can still add your event, but it will remain tentative until the conflict is resolved. Contact Janet Latini or another room manager if this happens.
  1. RIght-click a date in the outlook calendar and click "New Meeting Request"
  2. You have two options for selecting a room:
    Method 1 - In the "To" field, type in the room email address for the requested room (Listed at the top of this page). In the "Location" field type the friendly name for the room such as DH 4201. (By putting the email in the "To" field you are adding to the calendar. By putting the name in the "Location" field you are telling the attendees where the meeting is)


    Method 2 - (THIS METHOD IS CURRENTLY NOT WORKING) Alternatively, you can use the Outlook Room Finder to select a room. Next to the "Location" field hit the button labeled "Room Finder", "Search for Rooms" or just "Rooms...". Type just the room number of your selected room and then Double-click the room in the list and click okay.

    (Screenshot will be provided when and if this is working)
  3. Either way you choose, check the room calendars on the web and make sure your event is listed:

In order to schedule rooms from IMAP clients such as Thunderbird, Mac, emClient, etc you simply need invite the room by it's email address as listed below. This varies from client to client.