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Chemical Engineering Computing

Printing from a Windows Machine (Andrew)

**Chemical Engineering Department printers are available from any on campus wired or wireless connection.
  1. Click Start Orb, and then type \\ into the search box as shown below and press enter
  2. You will be prompted with a box titled Enter Network Password. Enter information as show below:
    Credentials (Andrew)
    In the Username box, type andrew\AndrewID , where AndrewID is your Andrew username

    IE: If my name is John Smith and my Andrew ID is jbsmith I would enter "andrew\jbsmith" as my username.

    In the Password box, type your Andrew password.
    **READ CAREFULLY: If desired check the box that says Remember my credentials. If you DON'T check this box you WILL have to repeat steps 1-2 every time you logout or restart your computer. We reccommend that you check this box.
  3. Click OK, and the window will pop up as shown below:
  4.  Double-click on the printer you want to use.
    Note: Printers are named according to room or corridor number as well as make and model. 
  5. You may be prompted with a box asking for permission to install the printer. Click Yes.
  6. A box will appear showing you installation progress:
    Install Progress
  7. If you have connected to the printer properly, a window titled 'printer name' on cheme-printers will pop up as shown below:
    Install Complete

  8. You will now be able to print on the Chemical Engineering Department printers.