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Poster Printing

We offer basic poster printing services to any Chemical Engineering Personnel with a CMU Oracle String.

  • The cost is $15 + $1.85 per sqft of paper used. All posters are printed on 42" wide roll paper. Surplus paper is included in cost. 
  • We only accept .PDF, .PPT, or .TIF files for poster printing. Files can be sent directly to the helpdesk poster queue by following the link in the box on the right. When sending files be sure to include the desired output size and an Oracle String to avoid delays in processing.
  • Posters will be available 1 business day after they are submitted (unless other arrangements are made). ie. noon on Monday will be available at noon on Tuesday, and Noon on Friday will be available at noon on Monday.

Please Note: You must include a description of what the poster is for. IE. "Poster is for XYZ Conference/Symposium" This is a new requirement by the CMU Finance Division. We will not print until this information is provided so please include it in your request.

Posters will be placed outside of our office suite door DH 3101.

The following information is key:

  • One of the dimensions needs to be 42" or less.
  • We do not scale-to-fit unless requested (and only if the scale is a multiple in both dimensions).
  • You must leave appropriate bleed space (3/8") on all side or request "Scale to Fit"
  • The largest posterboard sold by the CMU Art Store is 40" x 60", so size accordingly if you intend to mount the poster.