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Printing from a Mac (High-Sierra)

  1. Go to System Preferences... as shown below: 
     Select System Preferences          System Preferences Window

  2. Go to Printers & Scanners; See below:
    Select Print & Scan
    In the Print and Scan menu, click the Plus sign to add a printer. (On older versions of Mac OS there will be a "Lock" symbol in the lower left. If it is locked your must click it first to unlock it)
  3. In the Add Printer Menu, control + click on the top of the window, as shown in the picture below. From then menu that appears, click Customize Toolbar.
    Add Printer WindowCustomize Toolbar Window
  4. In the Customize Toolbar menu drag the Advanced gear next to the other icons. After this, click Done and then go to the Advanced Menu.
    Advanced Menu Window
  5. In the Advanced Menu, under Type choose Windows printer via spoolss:
    Choose Windows printer via spoolss
  6. Under the URL, type in smb://$PRINTER_NAME, where $PRINTER_NAME is the name of the printer.
    • A list of printers can be found here.
    • If the printer name has a space in it, replace the space with a “%20”.
    • Here is an example with the printer “DHA226 HPM603”:
    • For the name, type in the printer's name as listed on the printer list
    • Under Print Using, select Select Printer Software and then choose the model printer you are connecting to (if you cannot find the printer model, you will have to manually download the driver from the printer manufacturer website, install said driver, and then select the printer model from the Select Printer Software list)
      ***NOTE: New 2018 Macbooks do not have the HP driver pack installed by default.
      You can download it here:
    • When all the settings look correct, click Add.
      Printer Information Window
  7. If you get asked if the printer has a additional options such as extra paper trays or a duplexer, check the appropriate boxes. (Most printers have duplexers. Additional trays can be identified by inspection)
    Printer Duplexer Window
  8. After following these steps, you should have properly set up your printer. You should be able to select it in any of your applications now.
    Printer Successfully Added
  9. The first time you print you will be prompted for you login credential. Be sure to enter them in the form below.
     Authentication for Andrew Servers
  10. Please report any problems to the ChemE Help Desk.