Carnegie Mellon University

ChemE Computing

Chemical Engineering Computing


ChemE Computing offers a number of services to members of the Chemical Engineering Department:

  • Computer Repair - basis component level repairs can be made on Window's machines.
  • Computing Supplies - a wide variety of supples can be purchased or redeemed at the Help Desk office.
  • Media Technologies - specific rooms may be reserved the come equipped with multimedia equipment
  • Printing - a number of printers are available to ChemE users with information on how to connect to them.
  • Poster Printing - basic poster printing services are offered to ChemE users with an Oracle String.
  • Purchasing - assistance is offered for computing purchases such as laptop and desktop computers.
  • System Backups - backups are performed in case of emergency.
  • Teleconferencing/Videoconferencing - multimedia conferencing if provided via Bluejeans
  • Web Hosting - available to any department group.