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ChemE Computing

Chemical Engineering Computing

Service Catalog

ChemE Computing offers a number of services to members of the Chemical Engineering Department supplement the services provided by the University. Click on a category below to browse services. University and ChemE services will be identified by CMU and ChemE in paranthesis respectively


Administrative and Business Services

IT infrastructure services that support the administrative and business functions of the university.



Communication and Collaboration

IT services that facilitate university communication, conferencing, event support and collaboration needs.


End-Point Computing

Services that enable day-to-day work supporting your computer and mobile devices. Includes network access, software delivery, file storage, printing and support.


Infrastructure Services

Enterprise-level hardware, software, systems, and network infrastructure that provide foundational support for university activities.


IT Professional Services

Consultation services to support university IT activities.


Security Services

Infrastructure and services that provide information security, identity and access management, data integrity, and compliance. (LINK TO CIO)


Teaching and Learning

Instructional technology, tools, spaces and resources directly supporting teaching and learning.


Research IT 

Support and Management of IT Assets for research efforts