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ChemE Computing

Chemical Engineering Computing

Licensed software is available to students, faculty, and staff through the Software Share. The Software Share is a Windows-based share located on department server "cheme-software." You will need an Andrew account and be affiliate with Chemical Engineering to access this share. Additionally, this share is only available while directly connected to the campus network.

If you are trying to connect from an off campus location, you will need to use Virtual Private Networking (VPN) which can be downloaded through the university.

  1. Click Start and then type \\ and press
    Start Menu

  2. You will be prompted with a box titled Enter Network Password as shown below: 
    In the Username field, type andrew\AndrewId, where AndrewId is your given Andrew ID from the university. 
    In the Password field, type in your Andrew password.

  3. If you have done this correctly, a window titled cheme-software will open, and you have successfully connected to the server.

  4. Double-click on the Public-Software folder.

  5. Find the folder of the software you need and double-click on it.
  6. See the Software section of the ChemE-Computing Website for installation instructions for various packages
  1. Go to Finder.
  2. In the menu bar, select Go. Then Connect to Server.
  3. Type in smb:// for the server address.
  4. Enter address
  5. Select "Registered User" and enter andrew\andrewID and your Andrew Password. Be sure to replace "andrewID" with your own.
  6. Registered User
  7. Select the volumes you want to mount. If you are unsure, select Public-Software.
  8. Select Volume
  9. If you close the window, you can find the server in the Shared section in Finder.