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GAMS License Update

The GAMS license expires annually and needs to be update. Failure to update the license will result in the software reverting to "Demo" mode which limits the size of problems it will solve and what solvers it will use. The updated license is available on cheme-software. Follow the procedure below to update your license.

  1. Locate your GAMS installation folder. This will either be in the root "c:\" or in the "c:\Program Files" folder.

  2. Open the GAMS folder on cheme-software and locate the current license file, "gamslic.txt".

  3. Copy the license file from cheme-software to the GAMS installation folder. If prompted choose "Copy and Replace"

  4. Open the GAMS IDE and go to File -> Options then go to the "Solvers" tab. You should see the number of days remainaing in the "License" column. If you see "Demo" you have done something wrong and should repeat the above procedure.